A Case Study on Effective Digital Marketing Campaign of a Healthcare Industry Client

A Case Study on Effective Digital Marketing Campaign of a Healthcare Industry Client


Dreamworth Solutions handled an effective digital marketing campaign for our healthcare industry client consisting of infertility and obesity hospital chains across Pune city. Our client’s core competence was fertility specialisation with several successful cases through IVF and IUI treatments. However, despite having good records they could not establish their online brand and thereby, could not derive loads of patients to their hospitals. On the other hand, their rivals and competitors put significant efforts in digital campaigns, social media connections, and converting a word of mouth in grateful reviews that turned out to be an excellent marketing weapon. Our client noticed this fact and they approached Dreamworth Solutions for their digital marketing campaign intended to improve online brand presence and increase patient count accordingly.


After conducting detailed research, we created a sound marketing plan for our healthcare industry client. With our research methodology, we captured significant insights on our client’s current business status, count of patients, successful cases, IUI and IVF success rate, and social media presence. We also performed detailed research of our client’s prominent competitors, their marketing tactics, and success rates.


After our thorough research process, we were in a condition to figure out a strong digital presence plan for our client that covered custom services and an appropriate blend of digital marketing techniques that will justify our client’s digital marketing requirements.


Digital Marketing Campaign Summary
  • Leads Generation Improvement-- 85
  • Cities— Pune and proximity
  • Languages— 3


Fundamental statistics



Objectives Set


After understanding our client’s digital presence scenario, we set the following objectives through our digital marketing campaign.


Solution Set


To tackle the challenge, we combined various digital marketing strategies and we employed different resources to complete this campaign.


We insisted on successful patients of our client to provide a positive and guiding review on different platforms. Here we helped these patients by offering review page links through email and simplifying their review writing process. With this approach, we received positive, genuine, and reliable reviews on major platforms such as Google, Facebook page, JustDial, DM-Practo, and other local directories of Pune district. As a part of professional etiquettes, we offered our grateful remarks such as thank you, etc. on every feedback we received.


We suggested two options to our client—The implementation of a static website or the use of the blogging platform to showcase their intellectual capabilities. Out of these two options they chose the blogging platform and thereafter, we started working on the blogging campaign. Our content team and research analysts gathered necessary data about our client’s achievements, complicated cases treated, and the ratio of fertility success, and various social initiative conducted by our client. Our content team created effective blogs, articles, and social media posts with utmost user engagement and user education capabilities. We created a power-packed content strategy and best content calendar for our client and deployed our resources to overload our client’s blogging platform and social media pages with quality and appealing content.


For local business expansion, we suggested our client to explore the benefits of local directories. Our Pune-based research team created a fantastic plan for this purpose. We created a sound profile of our healthcare industry client on Just-Dial, Dm-Practo, and other local business directories. We also insisted on our client’s patients to provide good review and service experience about our clients on these listing platforms as well.


Through our miscellaneous digital marketing service approach, we offered quality suggestions to our clients and that worked excellently.



List of stakeholders associated with the campaign:



Bridging the Gap


While devising a strategic and powerful campaign for our health industry client we deployed an all-inclusive approach that highlighted the positives of our clients in the web world be it is blogging platform or be it is a social media platform. We also took major efforts to ensure positive reviews and feedback for our clients on social media and listing portals. This resulted in a strong web presence of our clients and sufficient publicity for their innovations, achievements, and social initiatives.


Fortunately, with this case, we did not require to handle any negative or critical existing content as this client’s digital presence was almost negligible when they approached us. Hence, we had to struggle with creating a great online presence for this client and to derive fans and followers for their pages. For this, we used the strategy of offering something valuable to the client’s audience. With this, we suggested to organize free online consultation camps as an initial bet, and this worked brilliantly. Further, we suggested the client create WhatsApp Group for camp participants and improve the personal connection with them for further treatments. We also created attractive video blogs that contained the images of previous patients and their kids just to make it more appealing for the upcoming infertile patients.


We also noticed that the competitors of our clients are focusing more on social media and local SEO campaigns. Hence, we worked on that front also and improved the client’s local appearance in several business listing portals.


Fortunately, the client was kind to charities and social work, but they weren't getting enough social visibility corresponding to their social contribution. To address this issue, we advised our client to follow a set of best practices referred by Dreamworth Solutions. It requires internal PR teams to work actively for specific small things from a charity perspective.


These work requests included the creation and publication of press releases by the charity and social causes that were structured in a specific way, specific content addition on the charity website, social media posts, etc. All these activities helped our client to shine in Google search results with charity pages information.


Final Outcomes


With our digital marketing campaign undertaken for healthcare industry clients, we noticed the following outcomes.


Improved social media presence on Facebook and Twitter, with daily 2-3 social media posts. Follower count increased by 45% and strong recommendation by previous successful cases.


A well-managed blogging platform that projects our client as a thought leader in the healthcare industry and after 5 months blogs started receiving links from healthcare industry associates such as pharma industry bloggers.


The top appearance of our clients 3 hospitals in Pune and proximity on business listing portals. Every portal entry is backed with genuine and positive feedback and review list.


Good footage of every social initiative in digital media and even print media. We also created 2 press release drafts and circulated them successfully.


The client received a tremendous reputation in the healthcare industry sector for their digital innovation, online camps, zoom meetings, WhatsApp groups, blogs, etc. by setting a new trend for this industry.


Tools used



Wrap Up


We Dreamworth Solutions are the most trusted digital marketing company offering quality services and feature-rich solutions and suites to our patrons. Dreamworth Solutions provide business-driven solutions that are contemporary and perfect to assure adequate brand awareness and promotion in the marketplace. Our company has a legacy of a flourishing decade completing our commitment to the best services since then. With our commitment, proficiency, and hard work, we are now considered as one of the best digital marketing companies in Pune and Mumbai.


You can contact our business team for excellent digital marketing plans at reasonable prices. We are a top digital marketing company in India and we strive hard to improve your digital presence, increase traffic, increase leads, and conversions. For healthcare industry stakeholders we have created a sound example of digital branding through our systematic digital marketing approach.


With our core expertise in Software, IT, and app development services, we can also foster your other business expansion and marketing needs.


For more details call us on 8657357244

Or drop an email sales@dreamworth.in


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