A Case Study On Strategic Digital Marketing Campaign Of A Real-Estate Industry Group

A Case Study On Strategic Digital Marketing Campaign Of A Real-Estate Industry Group

The real estate industry is growing day by day and cutthroat competition in this sector places real estate industry stakeholders under risk. Consumers are very picky with their property buying decisions as these types of decisions are taken once or twice in life in most of the cases. We Dreamworth Solutions a leading digital marketing company have set a great example of digital marketing and branding initiative for the real estate industry group. Our client was a big real estate industry player in Pune district and they have a substantial contribution to the real estate domain for residential, commercial, and other types of properties. When they approached us for a digital marketing campaign they were working on big project launches in Pune and proximity. Their major ventures for that year were 2 residential townships and 3 commercial complexes in Pune and Talegaon areas.


After performing detailed research we launched a concrete digital marketing strategy for our real estate group client. By employing adequate research techniques, we captured significant insights about our client’s current business status, audience persona, target audience, major competitors, social media presence, and current marketing strategies. We also considered different factors such as the value proposition of the property, any attractive offers given by competitors, the advertising strategy of competitors, and the brand value of our clients. With our appropriate research, we devised a complete digital marketing plan for our real estate industry client. We separately worked on commercial and residential projects as its target audience persona was entirely different.


Digital Marketing Campaign Summary
  • Leads Generation Improvement-- 81%
  • Cities— Pune and Talegaon
  • Languages— English, Hindi, and we preferred vernacular language Marathi to target Maharashtra audience


Fundamental statistics



The Challenge


Despite having a good reputation in the real estate industry our client neglected the power of digital media and they relied upon print media and TV commercials for their lead generations. However, this traditional approach of marketing would not work for the next generation real-estate developers and their prospects who are seeking everything perfect and handy. We noticed this fact and we planned to engage their audience through an effective social media strategy, social media marketing, effective website, and next-generation techniques such as virtual reality-based apps.


Objectives Defined Through Digital Campaign


After understanding our client’s digital presence scenario, we set the following objectives through our digital marketing campaign.


Solution Set


To maximize the leads of our real estate industry client we created an all-inclusive digital strategy that touched the audience and hence we succeeded in getting good leads in the next few months.


First, we worked on SEO efforts for our client’s website. Here we gave new tweaks to the website and assured better landing pages with little changes. We focused on creating a story-based landing page that captures user details with their permission and minimal distraction on it.


Next, we focused on the social media platforms of our real estate industry client. Our blessed content writers and designers crafted the best social advertising strategy for our client’s newly launched projects. We penetrated our social campaigning efforts through different social media groups and communities to maximize the client’s brand reach. However, creating catchy content and appealing visuals are paramount in this digital drive and hence we employed best in class content developers and designers to create effective social media posts, advertisements, small blogs, and memes for our client’s marketing purpose. We focused on creating appealing, creative, and vernacular social media posts about the new projects of our client and thereby we derived maximum local and Maharashtra traffic to the client’s website. We relied on storytelling and story weaving approach in this client’s content strategy since stories appeal more than plane content.


After adequate SEO efforts and social media campaign initiatives, we created a solid email marketing plan for our client’s project marketing intent. We created an attractive email brochure that detailed the client’s project highlights and special offers for each project. Next, we captured email lists through different resources and we created a sound email marketing campaign with A/B tests incorporated through subject-lines, user interests, etc.


Thereafter we emphasized our client’s business listing profile on major listing portal platforms. We enhanced their profile with great reviews, a good image gallery, and a virtual tour through 360-degree video options. Further, we took significant local SEO efforts by concentrating on local audiences, local groups, appropriate sites, and office address changes.


We also gathered existing associates and client’s customer base data and requested them to provide a genuine review of the client’s real-estate services on different platforms. This resulted in better credibility and authenticity of our client’s brand.


Further, we created some VR and AR-based apps for the client’s business presentation purpose. With these apps, they could provide a very engaging demonstration of the site, construction, and final project to the prospects. These apps provide real insights on the final project, life at new projects, and how it will benefit you, your family, and business in case of commercial projects.


We also offered other quality suggestions to our client in this digital campaign journey



On Our, Way To Succeed…


While employing a strategic and influential campaign for our real estate industry client we recommended an all-inclusive approach that highlighted the specifications of new projects on the web through a listing platform or a social media platform. We also took major efforts to ensure positive reviews and feedback for our clients on social media and listing portals and for this, we approached existing customers systematically and requested them to share their honest feedback. Also, we utilized a storytelling attitude that made our content strategy more effective and compelling.


We also placed the right SEO efforts in order to improve the web presence of the client. With our expertise in SEO, we dealt local SEO tricks carefully and this resulted in better organic traffic generation for our client’s website.


Since we live and breathe with marketing we suggested our real-estate industry client offer something valuable to their audience base. For this, we suggested organizing free online property consultation and home-loan consultation camps as an initial bet and this worked brilliantly. Further, we suggested the client create What's App Group for camp participants and improve the personal interaction with them for further purchase decisions. We also created attractive video blogs, 360-degree videos, AR, and VR based videos that offered an excellent idea of the completed project making it more striking to the prospects.


We also researched that the major competitors of our clients are utilizing social media and local SEO campaigns. Hence we worked on social media management and content strategy of our client and improved the client’s local appearance in several business listing portals. We also circulated 2 PR to throw light on innovations adopted by our client in construction processes and this helped win major audience attention.


Final Results



Tools used


Wrap Up


We Dreamworth Solutions are the leading digital marketing company that offers quality services and feature-rich solutions and suites to our patrons. Dreamworth Solutions provide business-driven solutions that are matchless and perfect to ensure adequate brand awareness and promotion in the marketplace. Our company has a legacy of a successful decade completing our commitment to the best services since then. With our commitment, expertise, and smart work, we are now considered as one of the best digital marketing companies in Pune and Mumbai.


You can contact our business team for excellent digital marketing plans at reasonable prices. We are a top digital marketing company in India and we strive hard to improve your digital presence, increase traffic, increase leads, and conversions. For real estate industry stakeholders, we have created a sound example of digital branding through our systematic digital marketing approach.


With our core expertise in Software, IT, and app development services, we can also foster your other business expansion and marketing needs.


For more details call us on 8657357244

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