Web Application Penetration Testing

Increased cyber attacks and software risks have reinforced security experts to dig deeper into the security framework and to come out with powerful security solutions to sustain in the worst situation. However, preventive solutions are always better and preferred than remedial measures. One of the great security solutions is penetration testing. A penetration test is also termed as a pen test, is a kind of simulated cyber attack against your IT system to assess for exploitable vulnerabilities.


Web Application Pen Testing



Pen test works by the purposeful breaching of multiple numbers of application systems like application protocol interfaces (APIs) or frontend/backend servers to detect vulnerabilities.


The requirement of Penetration testing


As we discussed in the previous section, security IT systems and infrastructure is paramount for all organizations, the penetration testing approach was devised to strengthen the security framework. Before going into its further details, we should be clear about the concept of vulnerability. The vulnerability is a term used to refer to flaws or defects in the system which can render the system to security weaknesses and threats.


A Quick Comparison - Vulnerability Scanning and Pen Testing


Vulnerability Scanning is intended to find out the known weaknesses or flaws in the application and provide methods to fix and enhance the complete security of the application. It focuses on various tasks like installation of security patches, adequate configurations, etc.


On the other hand, Pen Tests simulates real-time systems and mainly provides insights on unauthorized user access to the system, possible damage, and a data portion that is damaged, etc.


Pen Test Vs Vulnerability Assessment



Need for Web App Penetration Testing



Penetration Testing Mechanics



Increased use of smartphones has increased the possibility of cyber-attacks and compromising of data. Penetration Testing is an important tool in ensuring the formation of a security system that can be employed by users without any issues of hacking or data loss.


Web Penetration Testing Methodology


Web Penetration Testing Methodology offers a set of security industry guidelines and standards on how penetration testing should be performed. There are well-defined methodologies and standards which can be applied for testing but depending on the demands of each web application, testers can use their methods of penetration testing.


Popular Security Testing Methodologies and standards include –



Test Scenarios for Web Application Pen Test


Following is the list of some of the test scenarios where web application pen test can be performed.



Types of Web Penetration Testing


Web penetration testing can be categorized in two ways based on inside or outside attacks.

Types of Penetration Testing



Internal Penetration Testing


As its name implies, the internal penetration testing is associated with the single organization and hence, it includes testing web applications hosted on the intranet through LAN. It also finds any existing vulnerabilities within the corporate firewall.


However, security experts mainly assume that attacks happen externally, and hence, internal pen test becomes less significant from a security perspective. But these tests can be advantageous to avoid malicious employee attacks or ex-employee attacks on your web systems. It also prevents your web applications from phishing attacks, social engineering attacks, misuse of user privileges, and unlocked terminals.


External Penetration Testing


External penetration testing handles security threats that arise from outside the organization and it includes testing web applications that are hosted on the internet. Here, testers have to behave like a hacker with no detailed knowledge of the internal system. Testers are provided with the IP of the target system and they are not equipped with any other information. Thereafter, testers search and scan public web pages and get information about target hosts. Alongside it also tests firewalls, servers, and IDS.


Blind testing

In a blind test approach, a tester is only provided the name of the organization that’s being targeted. This approach is beneficial as it offers security personnel a real-time outlook of how an actual application attack would occur.


Double-blind testing

In a double-blind test approach of web application penetration testing, security personnel lack the knowledge of the planned simulated attack. This approach won’t provide any time to manage defences before an attempted breach.


Targeted testing

In this pen test approach, both the tester and security personnel work jointly and appraise each other for their movements. This is a significant training practice that offers security personnel with real-time feedback from an attacker’s point of view.


Pen Test Framework


Penetration Testing Framework



Planning Phase- Before Testing


The planning phase for the web app penetration testing involves the following subtasks.



Pen Test Execution Phase - During Testing


Web Penetration testing is performed at this stage and that too from any location provided if any other port restrictions are not imposed.



Post Execution Phase of Pen Test - After Testing


The final step covers the following activities.



Services & Solutions by Dreamworth


Being an excellent partner for web services, Dreamworth Solutions provides quality web application pen test and vulnerability assessment services to its global clients. Our 10 years of flourishing and enriching experience of web services makes us the top choice of many companies as their security partner for IT infrastructure. Take a look at our web application penetration service model that distinguishes us from all contemporaries.


Scope definition and Threat Modelling


We consider your security requirements and accordingly, model the right security framework to serve your requirements.


Use of Automated Testing Tools


The use of advanced security testing tools helps us to reach the number of possible vulnerabilities within your web application and IT infrastructure.


Automated Vs Manual Testing



Manual Penetration Testing


We not only rely on automated test results, but our security testers also explore vulnerabilities noticed through results from automated tools and other reported threats as per the personalized test plan.


Speedy Vulnerability Reporting


We provide insights on all emergency and critical vulnerabilities to our clients immediately so that their development team can proceed further to resolve them.


Detailed Test Reports


Our professionally created detailed reports contain best-practice resolutions for each noticed vulnerability along with other significant factors.


Validation of Vulnerability Resolution


Retests activities help us to validate that your development team has resolved the reported vulnerabilities and other threats.




IT security requirements get connected with Dreamworth Solutions. Just share your requirements to our business team and be assured that your IT assets are in safe hands now. We provide customized packages to our clients, with no other imposed conditions and hence, we are the top choice of many firms for their IT infrastructure security requirements. Share your business requirements and be a part of Dreamworth Solutions' huge proud consumer base.


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500 + Clients

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Transparent Process

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