Android App Development Company in Pune

Android App Development Company in Pune


Android is a well-liked mobile computing platform based on the Linux-based operating system. The initial professional version of Android was launched in the market in 2008 in the form of a mobile phone computing platform, back when the most popular smartphones were the BlackBerry and iPhone; it was ready to make a new wave in the market and when the maximum numbers of users used to send the text through a flip phone.


Android App Development company



Through this web page, we are ready to introduce our readers about the Android development platform and our services for Android app development. We always attempt to keep the stuff simple and make every user comfortable with these technical ideas. Dreamworth Solutions is a top software-app and digital marketing company that has delighted global customers with excellent IT and marketing services. At the end of this page, we have also provided our contributions to Android app development that can fulfill your enormous business requirements.


What is Android Technology?


Android is an open-source, most popular and Linux-based Operating System for various mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Android was launched by the Open Handset Alliance, a Google initiative, and other companies.


Android provides a unified approach to mobile application development for mobile devices. Here developers work on Android-based development and their applications are executed on various devices powered by Android.


Android App Development OS



If we go through its history, the first beta version of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) was launched by Google in 2007 and the first commercial edition Android 1.0 was released in September 2008.



Android Applications


Android applications are generally created in the Java language with the help of the Android Software Development Kit.


After its development and testing stage, Android applications can be packaged easily and availed through a store such as Google Play, F-droid, Opera Mobile Store, SlideME, Mobango and Amazon Appstore etc


Android serves hundreds of millions of mobile device users in more than 190 countries worldwide. It is the biggest and fastest-growing mobile development platform.


Android App Development detailing



Features of Android


Android is a powerful, popular, open-source Linux-based operating system with the following striking features.


Android App Development structure



Android App Development Technologies


Android app development technologies present a set of tools and programming platforms that are helpful to do the different activities associated with the Android app development.  These activities mainly include wire framing, app design, app development, testing, and launching.


Android SDK


Android software development kit (SDK) is the official and authentic software development kit that allows developers to build apps for the Android platform. SDK comes with sample projects and its source code, an emulator for testing, development tools, and essential libraries to create Android apps.


Android App Design Tools:


Android App Design and Development



Development Languages Used:



Android App Testing Tools:



Core technologies Associated with Android Development



Fundamentals of Android development


An Android app mainly consists of one of the following types.


Activities: An Android app that has a clear and visible user interface is executed via an activity. When an app is selected from the Home screen or application launcher, an activity is initiated.

Services: Various service monitoring apps are used as a network monitor service or update-checking application.

Content providers: The simple way to consider content providers is to perceive them as a database server. A content provider’s major job is to handle access to present data, like contacts on a phone. For simple applications, it will not create a content provider, however, for complex applications, a content provider is a must.

Broadcast receivers: You can create an Android app to handle and manage a specific part of data or respond to a particular event, such as getting a text message.




We at Dreamworth Solutions offer an immense range of Android App services to our global clients.



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