Case Study—An Educational Industry Group Enjoyed Monopoly Digital Drive

Case Study—An Educational Industry Group Enjoyed Monopoly With Dreamworth Solutions’ Digital Drive


Two years back we collaborated with one educational group for their digital campaigning and we proudly say that we created a new trend of digital campaigning for the educational sector. Our client was a big educational group with autonomous nature and it was composed of 3 Engineering colleges with several disciplines, 2 MBA colleges, and 2 MCA academies. Also, they developed a research centre for Ph.D. and Postdoctoral students. This educational group was a reputed autonomous university in Pune City suburban area. Their capacity for each course was a minimum of 120. However, fierce competition in the education sector, numerous entries of new colleges every year impacted our client’s brand position and hence they could not fill 120 seats for engineering, MCA courses. Therefore, they planned to explore digital marketing capabilities for the educational group’s brand positioning and lead generation accordingly.


Dreamworth Solutions help restore the brand position of educational group clients with innovative digital methodologies and it became an incredible success story for both service providers and clients. We deployed fantastic marketing strategies that worked excellently and resulted in enhanced brand value of our client, improved online presence, and a better and promising outlook of our client in the education industry. For this, we conducted detailed research regarding the client’s educational services, campus, facilities, programmes, placement ratio, innovations, and research, etc. We also studied their online presence and proposition to get meaningful insights on their website, each engine performance of the website, PR status, and social media profiles. With our detailed research, we noticed that our client’s website was loaded with old stuff, also it was not performing up to the mark concerning search engine criteria. Their content strategy was hardly impressive and it could not bring more traffic. Educational group’s social media profiles were created but the rate of posting content, blogs, and images was very poor. In short, we noticed that this educational client’s digital performance and appearance required thoughtful online marketing efforts. With this, we kicked off our digital campaign for this esteemed client.


By considering various aspects, target audiences, and associates of the educational sector we created a custom digital campaign for our client that was centered on social media profiles and website improvement of our client. We also backed this campaign with superior blogging efforts.


Digital Marketing Campaign Summary
  • Leads Generation Improvement-- 82%
  • Cities— Targeted all over Maharashtra students and even non-Maharashtra students for specific quota
  • Languages— English, Vernacular


Fundamental statistics



The Problem Statement


Our client was reputed name in the educational industry, but with changing trends in the educational sector, they departed themselves from a state university and chose to be an autonomous educational group. With this major change, they faced many consequent problems and challenges such as competition with other autonomous educational bodies, struggle to prove their own curriculum is comprehensive, standard and competent, and usual problems faced by educational institutes such as facilities, campus, infrastructure, etc. We noticed that our client needs an all-inclusive digital campaign that will throw light on the strengths and positives of our client and thereby will able to drive insane traffic on its website, social media pages, and blogs.


Objectives Set For Our Digital Campaign


After understanding our client’s digital perspectives and strengths, we set the following objectives for the planned digital marketing campaign.


Solution Set


With a complete understanding of our client’s market situation, popularity, and competitor research we devised a power-packed digital marketing and branding campaign for our Pune-based educational group client.


First, we suggested a few changes to our client’s website in order to turn the website search engine friendly. We also worked on their content strategy to make it more effective and appealing. Also, we started a blog for or client and we leveraged their intellectual assets through this blogging platform. We encouraged content ideas and content production from students, faculties to project our client as a thought leader in the educational industry. Further, we included appropriate links on this blogging platform to make it more authentic. Also, we included college website links on other blogger’s blogs, educational portals content, and student forums for the improved reach of our client. We also encourage alumni to provide great feedback to their college on different channels such as directories and social media groups.


Next, as an integral part of our digital marketing campaign, we focused on the client’s social media profiles. We managed their social media profiles with good content, fresh social posts, college updates with research, placement and innovation, faculty milestones, facilities, etc. We used vernacular language also for better targeting a local audience. We engaged other stakeholders such as alumni, ex-employee, and research associates on different communities and with their input, we projected our client as a thought leader and innovative trendsetter in the education sector. We also used a word of mouth by better engaging current students, their achievements, and approach to project our client’s educational world as a one-stop destination for engineering, MCA, and MBA courses. We also offered necessary footage to college management personnel, director, and other staff through our social media strategy.


We utilized our technical expertise at its best for this campaign. We engaged prospective students by offering a 360-degree virtual tour, campus tour, webinars, student interviews, fresh photo gallery, and all other positive elements about this campus.


We encourage doctorate and post-doctorate students to provide their knowledgeable inputs, blogs, and video-based content for the social and channel of our client. This approach helped our clients in establishing their authenticity and brand value.


Next, we focused on optimizing the client’s business profile by assuring their link, the profile on different portals, student’s communities, and listing portals. We also worked on getting positive reviews, student and ex-employee feedback for improved brand presence.


Finally, we offered the following major suggestions to our client in this digital campaign journey



List of stakeholders in this campaign:



And Its High Time!!


After our 6 months comprehensive digital campaign, we could define a great and result-oriented roadmap for our educational sector client’s digital journey. We employed proven methodologies and marketing tactics that worked brilliantly.


We succeeded in creating a great buzz around our client’s educational group through web and social channels. We highlighted every positive aspect of our client through web media. We also circulated 2 press releases to highlight the major achievements of current students and staff respectively.


We established great social media profiles for our client and we focused on keeping users engaged through innovative content strategy. We collaborated with every stakeholder right from alumni, current students, faculties, ex-employee, and research associates through communities and social channels. This helped us leverage the client’s reviews on different platforms.


We encouraged a variety of content such as poles, quiz, video, and thereby created a compelling content strategy for our client. We also created digital brochures for our clients for advertising purposes.


Final Results


With our 6 months digital marketing campaign undertaken for e-commerce clients, we noticed the following outcomes.


Tools used


Final Thoughts


We Dreamworth Solutions are the top digital marketing brand in India with our quality offerings in digital marketing and software services. Dreamworth Solutions provide business-driven services and solutions that are unparalleled and perfect to ensure adequate brand awareness and business promotion in the marketplace. Our company has a legacy of an inspiring decade completing our commitment to the best services since then. With our commitment, expertise, and smart work, we are now considered one of the best digital marketing companies in India.


You can contact our business team for excellent digital marketing plans at reasonable prices. You can also avail of our free social media, website, and SEO audit services for better business decisions. We are a top digital marketing company in India and we endeavor hard to improve your digital presence, increase traffic, increase leads, and conversions. For the education Sector Client, we have created an exemplary digital marketing campaign through our systematic digital marketing approach.


WWith our core expertise in Software, IT, and app development services, we can also foster your other business expansion and marketing needs.


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