Case Study: Online Reputation Management For Politician

Case Study: Online Reputation Management For Politician


Dreamworth Solutions has successfully managed the web reputations of many representatives of different industries like politics, social work, and entertainment to name a few. This case study covers Dreamworth Solution’s efforts taken to rise and shine the online profile of the political influencing person in India. However, names and scenarios are adjusted to somewhat to protect the identity of our esteemed client.


We Dreamworth Solutions is well set to present a successful case handled by us for our political based influencing client. We devised a customized online reputation management campaign for our client and it was a big success for us making Dreamworth Solutions a top ORM company in India. Our attempt is to educate our readers about the powerful tools like review management, reputation management, brand repairing, etc. through a systematic plan, content schedule, and associated team efforts. Through this platform, Dreamworth Solutions a brand name in the digital marketing world has provided a case-based example to its esteemed readers. Being an authenticated service provider for your online marketing requirements we are pleased to guide, educate and help our readers here.


Campaign Summary


Industry Politics
Entity Political Leader
Issue Indian media, social channels, newspapers
Services Online Reputation Management
Duration 6 months (initial changes in 1 month)


The Client Introduction


Our client is a well-reputed and eminent person in the Indian political scenario. However, in India political eminent and influencing personalities are always closely monitored by media and its results are seen recurrently by surfacing many news, bad content and critical posts about political influencers. On social media their followers motivate and defend them with right comments and positive content; however, this type of shield is not observed on all other digital channels harming the reputation of our client. Paid PR agencies and paid negative content team catalyses this situation by adding negative content day by day. In the political scenario, these malpractices are mainly run because cutthroat competition in the domain insists on every individual to shine on the top of every media. Negative review sites and opposition political party fans and followers helped to worsen the online reputation of our client.


Background Study


Dreamworth Solutions noticed that many news surfacing around our client is harsh, negative and that is displayed above the fold and in top search results. The news coverage was not only based in English and Hindi languages but it also covered the regional language of the client making a wider reach to the negative stuff. Additionally, we observed that the client’s official website, Wikipedia and social media pages were lacking with some sort of presentation and language skills. Our main intent was to dilute the negative content on the web and push it down as much as possible in the Google search results. Our secondary plan was to project our own media of our client in the right direction.


Fundamental Research



Dilution of negative content and counterpointing
Suppression of Bad/Negatives
Protection from Future Possible Problems


Our teams also performed the gap analysis by performing the comparison between our client’s online profile and other same domain counterpart’s online profile. This gap analysis provided us ideas for content and technical improvements that can largely benefit our client.


Understanding The Expectations Of Google


At Dreamworth Solutions, we strictly believe that--: "Compare, then make better". During this ORM campaign, we were able to do so by analyzing and comparing our client's search results with those of similar political domain people and roughly following their key success factors. We selected three other eminent in the political realm with similar work scope and notability. Their Google search and social media outputs were assessed, from various perspectives such as inbound linking structures, and technical criteria that could guide us in crafting a better storyline.


Study To Understand Ideal Search Results


During this campaign, we took significant efforts for developing a persona that reflected an example of "ideal and best" search results. Based on background research, we imagined what a rival person should include in their online profile; thereafter we compared outcomes with our customer's present search profile. In our political client's case, social media profiles were prominently displayed on the initial page of search results and websites and articles/blogs showcasing social causes and charitable works, Wikipedia page, and Google's Knowledge Panel.


Google’s Knowledge Panel as the Great Beginning


We concluded that our political domain client would benefit from Google’s Knowledge Panel depiction in Google search results.


What's the Google Knowledge Panel?


In technical language, the knowledge panel is a systematically organised cluster of content kept in the upper right corner of Google search results. It is also termed as a Knowledge Graph, in businesses scenario.


The Knowledge Panel mainly displays relevant knowledge gathered from different online sources, and it takes about 40% of the space at the top of regular search results. We considered this fact seriously that modifying the Knowledge Panel would support dilutive content i.e. better content to flush out the negative one. Using this strategy, we could kill two birds with one stone and utilized this strategy as the backbone of our ORM campaign.


Results Achieved Due to The Reverse engineering


For getting the control of Knowledge Panel results, a series of events is required. It is interesting to note that the Knowledge Panel acquires much of its information and data from Wikipedia and curated metadata like WikiData, also Virtual International Authority File, Wikinews, and different other sources. We reverse-engineered the panels of other political stakeholders and generated content, blogs, publication, and development plan.


Results Achieved Due to The Reverse engineering


While devising a strong ORM and SEO campaign for our political domain client we revised a new content strategy for brand awareness and better publicity.


Here we created a variety of positive content on our client’s achievements, talk, speeches, participation, events, social causes, etc. and the full proof content was published on different media. We also prepared blogs to throw light on various positive aspects. All these content stuff were delivered in three languages out of which one was the regional language that assured better reach of the content to the local people. We also prepared several press releases in proper format and guidelines to cover various happening events. At the same time, we suggested the internal teams of our client plan content strategy for social media. Accordingly, we formulated quality content for social media posts that received tremendous response from web users.


We delivered the following types of content for our client’s brand building—



Our content management team planned an excellent content calendar that covered and noticed all important events including festivals, national holidays, birthday, specific day celebrations, birth and death anniversaries of eminent, etc. Accordingly, the content in various formats was delivered and spread on web resources. We used multilingual language support for better reach and touching posts.


Website, Wikipedia


We adequately observed our client’s Wikipedia page and own website and suggested a few tweaks to their internal teams regarding these two. As a result, these two channels received a better ranking in search engine results. We provided translation services for the website content that resulted in a full-fledge website version available in two languages.




Our marketing team noticed that our client’s YouTube videos are not getting the right response. To address these issues we enhanced YouTube content and availed it in regional language too. We also trained their internal teams to provide the right feedback on various posts. Therefore, positive posts received more shares and likes and negative post writes felt satisfied due to the quick attention shown by our client’s team.


Social Media


Our team worked hard to optimize the social media presence of our clients. Here we planned an event calendar for various social media posts. Thereafter the client’s internal teams showed better responses to various social media posts making the brand of our client more trustworthy and reliable.Our team worked hard to optimize the social media presence of our clients. Here we planned an event calendar for various social media posts. Thereafter the client’s internal teams showed better responses to various social media posts making the brand of our client more trustworthy and reliable.


Results of ORM Campaign



Six extremely difficult and critical websites were diluted and then pushed down in the Google result. The highly visible and better Knowledge Graph or panel was created and now it dominates Google search results.


To Sum It All Up


Dreamworth Solutions is a well-known digital marketing company in Mumbai and it also offers several other allied IT services like web design, web development, app development, content management, SEO, software maintenance and ORM to name a few. We attempted to guide you on various computational metrics for a digital-marketing campaign’s performance.


We have a profound and enriching experience as a Digital Marketing Service Partner making us a brand in this sector. We assure the best digital marketing service to you including SEM, SEO, content management, PPC, Social Media optimization, etc. We will not make any fake promises about traffic increase and rank uplifting because we follow strictly Google’s guidelines and being honest and trusted Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai we will not misguide our readers for any reason, but we assure that our worth services will amuse you and reinforce you to renew the contract every year.


I hope you like and enjoyed the content. You can also see our success stories on our website. Once you get associated with Dreamworth Solution for your Digital Marketing requirements, we assure you that the further journey will be long-lasting, productive and very delighting. Our business analysts will precisely understand your business conditions, competitors, existing plans and solutions and the technical team will take care of the best possible and suitable services solutions for you. Dreamworth Solutions a leading digital marketing and SEO Services Company in Mumbai, also provide the best maintenance and post services for further ease. No software technology is a bar for us. However, our business team will suggest you the best platform that will fulfill your requirements. Feel free to contact our technical or business team at any time for your Software, SEO, link building or digital marketing requirements and glorify your business with the revived digital marketing campaign, SEO efforts, and paid advertising.


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