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E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce concept was coined in the last two decades due to the amazing advancements in the technology. E-commerce has become a routine part of our lives and now it is hard to visualize our life without the support of eCommerce at every stage. Various eCommerce websites or online stores facilitate service providers and consumers to continue transactions over the web. Fast evolving technological changes and progress necessitates online stores to be well equipped with all modern features that please online consumers.





eCommerce Concept - At Its Basic Level


In simple terms, eCommerce is nothing but electronic commerce applied for buying and selling services and goods over the internet. eCommerce systems also have integrated payment systems that allow clients to pay using suitable modes like net banking, cards, or payment wallets.


E-Commerce Website



Thus, an eCommerce website or an online store is a type of website that allows online users to buy products or services using online payment options.


Classification of eCommerce websites


eCommerce websites are classified based on the type of eCommerce model the website serves:



Types of E-Commerce



Here, it is possible to select and fix a geographical area from a map and place up a digital barrier around it. This ‘fenced-off’ location can search, detect and interact with smart devices that breach its territory. A Geofence allows businesses to send text messages, emails, push notifications when smartphone users enter in specific areas. These actions trigger when device users enter Geo-fence area or exit this area or even remain connected in that area. This innovative feature is provided by both Android and iOS platforms. Its mechanism works by considering latitude and longitude parameters for the geographical area to be marked-off.


Steps involved in an eCommerce website transaction


Will it be interesting to know the internal mechanics of eCommerce websites? Go through these steps and you will get it.


Steps For An Ecommerce Website Transaction



Steps are:



Technologies Associated with E-Commerce Website Development


Let us now understand the technical part about e-Commerce website development technologies.



Web Server


A web server is one of the basic requirements for hosting an e-commerce website. It provides the right place to store a website that employs HTML, PHP, JavaScript, databases, ASP, and media files for forming the complete and fully functional website.


Mechanics of Web Browsers and Web Servers



Server Software


When an online surfer visits any website on a web browser, the server understands the client is asking for some information. Then server processes that request and provides the correct files to the client. Finally, the web browser shows these files to the surfer or user. Server software is available for different purposes including database server, application server, file server, and cloud server. The most popular web server includes Windows IIS and Apache server.


Web Tools


A web authoring tool is highly useful to create the front end of an e-commerce web application. It can include basic HTML text editor E.g. Notepad++ and complex content management systems that are well built with debugging tools. HTML files are styled with CSS using Dreamweaver tool.


One more prominent web authoring tool is Visual Studio .net that can be applied to make the websites with integrated databases. Various graphic design packages also help designers to design the skin for a user interface.


Database System


A database is an integral and crucial component of an e-commerce website which is designed to store the details of products and services that are offered by the website such as pricing, offers, product description, images, and sales. For an e-commerce website, consumer details are also stored like order details, payment details, complaint details, contact information, etc.





It is obligatory to programme the website to hook up securely to the database so that all details are stored correctly, and business executes swiftly.




TCP (transfer control protocol) and IP (internet protocol) define and regulate the connection mechanism between computers through the internet and information sharing among them. Commonly used TCP/IP protocols include HTTPS, HTTP, and FTP. FTP (file transfer protocol) is applied to download files from a browser.


One special note for security: In HTTPS protocol S stands for security and it is responsible for the secure communication between a server and a browser as it is the top-most priority for sharing account information or personal details. Apart from this, SSL and TLS are mainly utilized for e-commerce projects due to their security and trust.


Browser Compatibility


A web browser is a software application that is aimed to receive, locate and display content fetched from the web servers. Commonly used web browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Web development companies test e-commerce project for its browser support and compatibility issues.




Ports provide a mechanism for one device to connect with the other device through a different and unique IP address. A device can be defined with more than one port.


Port 25 (SMTP) is generally reserved for email. An email will not be sent if that port is blocked. Other common ports include 80(HTTP), 21 (FTP), 22 (SSH) 443 (HTTPS). Firewalls can block a port to constrict the security.


Domain Names


Domain names are associated with a company, business, or brand. Successful e-commerce brands and businesses have identifiable domain names. For smaller businesses, the domain name can be selected based on the business name.


Let’s have a quick recap of all interesting technologies that can help you in producing a great eCommerce website.



To Sum Up


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