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Email Marketing Services

Today, cutthroat competition is seen in every business industry. With an intention to survive in this competitive market, every business strives hard. Therefore, companies are implementing all possible marketing tactics to fly above their competitors. Since customers are more found online today, companies are implementing a wide range of online marketing strategies and e-mail marketing is one of them.


Dreamworth provides the best email marketing service in the industry


E-mail Marketing


If we review the history of email as a technology and tool, Ray Tomlinson first applied this technology in 70's era. It was a simple message composed of a series of numbers and letters with fundamental significance in IT buzz. Gary Thuerk, a Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp applied email technology for the first time to send commercial emails later.


An email has become a significant component in our life and checking emails daily is a necessary routine in personal and professional life. In simple words, Email marketing helps to sell the product, promote a brand and to share news and stories related to the brand or product/services. It is the core technique of digital marketing which has another dimension of customer relationship management. Surprising fact about it is that it is a highly effective method of digital marketing though it was introduced a few decades back. The reason behind its popularity as a digital marketing tool is its simplicity and broad reach of the technique. One thumb rule in the digital world states that - Email account is the most common platform to reach people, and its capacity is even more than social media platforms.


Yes, it's true. People may disconnect social media or perhaps they may not access all social media platforms. And what about usage pattern? An email will be checked at least once in a day. Social media platforms have more entertainment and connectivity perspective, which makes them a low priority as compared to email platforms. This triggers Email marketing a successful way of Digital Marketing campaign. Email Marketing will never be obsolete.


Dreamworth Solutions is an e-mail marketing company in Pune that helps you to reach your customers directly through e-mail. Our clients are offered direct email marketing services through which the information about your business/service/product is sent out more like a missile. Whatever you are selling, we can reach you to numerous potential customers directly through email marketing at a reasonable cost.


Dreamworth Solutions send the message of your business/product/service through appealing infographics, text and links directly to your potential customers who are not aware of your business or products or services but are interested in your business area of expertise. You can easily track how effective our email marketing service is by keeping track of the number of hits your website gets after mass mailing.


E-mail marketing, a part of digital marketing service, is a trendy way to reach your potential customers. Considering the importance of creating your brand image, Dreamworth Solutions provide email marketing service with not just text, but rich media formats, images that give your business a different feel and essence. We help you to target your customers through the direct email marketing campaign.


Target the customers through effective E-mail Marketing



Target the customers through E-mail Marketing

Today, if a person wants to buy any product or service, the first thing he/she will do is going online to collect information about the product or service. So, it is very important for every business to appear in online searches in order to maximize the business. And email marketing is one of the effective tools in reaching your existing and potential customers with necessary information about your products or services. Globally businesses are using this technique in order to grow the business and create their online existence.


Email Marketing Principles


Specificity Converts

Plan your email marketing campaign to brief prospective customers about special offers. Specificity helps to improve conversion rate and reliability of the marketer. The subject line and content should adhere to specificity. Your ultimate aim should be to get the click of a user towards your website and not the actual transaction. Be patient.


Right Audience Targeting

The email marketing campaign is a waste if you are not clear with your offerings and your target audience.



Always remember that you are a guest in the user's inbox. Be honest and genuine while promoting your stuff. Respect the time of the user and be brief in your content.


Plan your email marketing strategy

You can determine your email list size, followed by your email content stuff including manuals, free downloads, free white papers, ebooks, email series, or even newsletters, etc. It is mandatory to seek user permission before beginning your campaign. You also need to be careful about the country laws regarding it as they differ worldwide.


Sound Follow-up

Successful email marketing strategy requires a sound follow-up mechanism through great content. Be careful about the frequency of sending emails. Autoresponder feature is a bit helpful for attaining follow-up feature and you can easily incorporate it.


Understand the user

It is very tricky to pitch your brand/product/service at the right time in front of the user. Be cautious while pitching your offerings to the user.


Great content - Key of a successful campaign

You can opt for help from content writing professionals in order to accomplish the success of your email marketing campaign through effective, eye-catching and fabulous content.



The further stage of the email marketing requires segmentation and web analytics to refine your broadcasts and to generate better results of the campaign. Web analytics helps to understand the user's response and statistics. It is better to take professional help to conclude on segmentation and refinement. Open rates, CTR and unsubscriber classification is mandatory to run the campaign successfully.


Customer Segmentation

It is also an advanced stage of email marketing and can be accomplished successfully with professional aid. It is dedicated toward segmenting your email lists in different segments including users, newsletter subscribers, time-based email lists, etc.


Dreamworth Solutions is a leading and trusted e-mail marketing company in Pune that thousands of businesses seek help from when they need to send email campaigns, mass emails, bulk emails, newsletters, etc. We have a genuine and reliable database of email addresses available in all possible categories like students, IT professionals, high net worth persons, regular flyers, online purchases, etc.


Email marketing should be accomplished with the help of professional assistance since it requires dedicated work and focus. Advanced stages of email marketing require the use of updated techniques and tools to manage your email marketing campaign. Therefore, we suggest all types of business players to opt for Email marketing service that will satisfy your requirements and will assure increased ROI to your business.


Step-By-Step Guidebook for Email Marketing Campaign


Email Marketing Campaigns can be handled properly and economically by the leaders like Dreamworth Solutions.



Strategic Planning

Email marketing efforts are wasted if you avoid strategic planning for your email marketing campaign. Defining the audience and schedule for the campaign are paramount. Relevancy is the most important factor in defining the audience for the campaign.


Finalize Campaign Type

Email campaigns can take several forms including newsletters, product announcements, blog posts, etc. Before initiating your email marketing campaign study all possible options for email marketing and plan your strategy.


Stick to schedule

Your audience should get a clear idea about your email schedule. Professional assistance can help you in finalizing and following the schedule.


Monitor results

The email marketing campaign should show measurable and promising results. Professionals assure this by monitoring email marketing campaign results.


Finalize your email list

Building an email list is not a simple task because people deny sharing their email address unless you share something worthwhile. The concept of lead magnet is useful here. A lead magnet can be a free offer, ebook, whitepaper, report/research, template, checklist, webinar, course, infographics or tool, etc. While offering your lead magnet, keep the following points in mind.



Email List Segmentation

Email list segmentation is the way of classifying your users into smaller groups based on certain criteria so that you can offer them more customized and relevant emails. Rather than throwing each email to your entire email list, segmentation lets you allow sending specific emails only to those subscribers who can be more interested in that offer leading to higher conversions.


Dreamworth is well reputed to run most successful email marketing campaigns.


Following ways of segmentation are highly effective for segmenting your email list.



Right Time

Right time management is necessary to make your email marketing campaign successful. Following two graphs depicts the time suggestion for an email marketing campaign. With this, we can infer that Wednesday and Thursday and 10-12 Am time slot seems fruitful for email marketing drive.


Dreamworth ensures the success of your email campaigns through the use of right timings.


Email Marketing is one of the successful services of Dreamworth Solutions.


Optimize for mobile

Mobile email accounts are highly creditable for the success of an email marketing campaign. For optimized usage, we recommend minimum loading time with small images, larger fonts, large buttons for action, great GUI with better visibility and less ambiguity.


Autoresponder - A great idea

An auto-responder is a series of emails that are automatically sent to a subscriber/ user segment on your email list and is generally triggered by a specific event, including joining your list, a certain browsing pattern, cart abandonment, downloading a PDF and resources, or buying a product.


Autoresponder can be used in the following situations:



Autoresponder campaign can be assessed with different parameters such as click-through rates, open rates and unsubscribe rates.


Email Marketing Tips


Following tips can be applied while planning your email marketing campaign.


Short Email - More Conversion

People prefer short and brief content with precise information. Also, it is preferred to consider that most of the people will read your email on mobile and not on desktop devices. Concise offer can convey better to your prospective customers.


Personalization is touching

People love being personalized by service providers. In fact, personalization is part of CRM. Try to customize the email to the maximum extent. For this, you might need customer details, purchase details, shopping history, interests, etc. The campaign can be boosted with professional assistance for this purpose.


Subject Line - Heart of the Email

Attractive and effective subject lines confer your half of the work. Be careful while drafting a touching, catchy subject line. Several tools can help you in this task, however, it is preferred to opt for professional help for this task.


Split Testing Email

It is the best strategy to split test your email into two groups and test different user actions across these two groups. A/B testing helps to understand user patterns and their actions with reference to different offers/content/subject line/ sender name variations, etc.


Appropriate Landing Page

Many times it is noticed that users divert from email to your landing page. In this case, it is preferred to have a relevant, dedicated landing page to serve your users and prospective customers. Landing page should be reliable, relevant and it should have scope to show your offerings. This page is made effective with the appropriate use of headline, subheadline, image/video, logo, testimonials, action calls, etc.


Be Brief

Always remember that time is very precious, and when it is your customer's time it becomes more precious. Never be lengthy with your content. Short, brief, and concise content is always best to respect your users. You can redirect them to your website for further details.


Monitor the Performance

With email marketing campaign, performance monitoring is very important. You can notice significant trends, patterns and apply them further. A successful email campaign can be repeated in the next turn. Professional assistance is required to get insights on the success of your campaign.


Benefits of Email Marketing



Why clients love Dreamworth Solutions?



Thus, Dreamworth solutions is a trusted Pune based email marketing company providing email marketing solutions, web-based email marketing service. Our email marketing services are designed to be lucrative and response effective in order to benefit you maximally. Our email marketing campaigns are quicker, more persistent, more committed, more reasonable and creative in their impacts. With our wide-ranging experience supported by our other spots of IT solutions, we also use related facets such as research, arrangement, organization, content management, implementation, promotion, follow up and search engine optimization.


We have many success stories through the Email Marketing campaign, and we would like to discuss them in the next stages of our discussion.


The main focus of Dreamworth Solutions is to concentrate on the target audience and the intention summarized by our client. All these different factors are updated into making a successful e-mail marketing campaign based on the most recent technological alternatives so that you can obtain the finest Direct Email Marketing Services.


Email Marketing


E-mailers Basic Advance Premium
Emailer Campaign Starts from 50,000 Starts from 1,00,000 Starts from 2,00,000
Emailer Designs Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page No No Yes
Emailer leading to landing Page Yes Yes Yes
Details of user Name, Email Name, Email Name, Email
Reports of mail delivery Yes Yes Yes
Total Opening Report No No Yes
Website visitor count through Mailers No No Yes


If you want to know more about the email marketing or you have the requirements for it, you can call us or contact us via email. It will be our immense pleasure to figure out a strong email marketing campaign for your business's branding and promotional requirements. Our skilled experts in different domains including SEO, digital marketing, and content marketing will work collaboratively to assure grand success to your email marketing campaign. We also provide and suggest other services, channels for greater reach of your brand. Once we understand your business requirements, we will come out with a strong service package that will help you in your brand awareness, promotion, lead generation, better ROI, more conversions and increased credibility and trust of your brand. We assure that your email marketing campaign will be a part of our future success stories.

500 + clients

500 + Clients

500+ happy clients served till date from various countries.

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Transparent Process

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Experienced Employees

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Unmatched Solutions

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Quality Assurance

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Timely Deliveries

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Certified Professionals

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100% Customer Support

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100% Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is to achieve the complete customer satisfaction by guiding them and taking inputs from them at every step.

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