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FACEBOOK PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is the most accountable form of advertising. Here we can set an exact budget and only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad to visit your site. Through Facebook Paid advertising we include mobile ads too. We are an online marketing company in Pune, Navi Mumbai and other cities of India. At Dreamworth Solutions we offer:


1. Set age group which we are targeting.

2. Set keywords which are usually searched based on your business.

3. Keep budget as per your pockets.

4. Select the gender as per your wish.

5. Daily basis click Report.


As years passed by, there has been significant change in the ways that people obtain information. Earlier, information was obtained on newspaper, radio, television etc. However these sources proved to be limited as they only worked well locally. Although the traditional media of communication is still in use, the internet world has enhanced to an extreme extent as there is an effective flow of information. To summarize tradionalism has considerably replaced with modernization.


The newspaper a traditional communication tool provides news to the public only in a direction. It cannot collect feedbacks. But Facebook, is a two way communication tool that acquires information as well as conveys comments simultaneously, which also brings a notable difference in the field of business and marketing. In any kind of business or marketing platform, the targeted customers base can be increased by implementing good use of Facebook marketing techniques. Social networking aims to connect people, by giving good comments or suggestions by Facebook users to their other group of friends on Facebook which enables a successful path to promote business. Suggestions that are trustworthy tend to have stronger positive effect than the normal advertising.


Facebook and its benefits for business:

1.Builds loyalty and strengthens relationships.

1. It helps generate awareness.

2. It helps increase immense traffic and sales.

3. It helps gather valuable marketing information.

4. Helps develop new ideas and products.


Our reports include:

1. Lifetime Total Likes.

2. Daily New Likes.

3. Daily Unlikes.

4. Daily Page Engaged Users.

5. Weekly Page Engaged Users.

6. 28 Days Page Engaged Users.

7. Daily Total Reach.

8. Weekly Total Reach.

9. 28 Days Total Reach.

10. Daily Organic Reach.

11. Weekly Organic Reach.

12. 28 Days Organic Reach.

13. Daily Paid Reach.

14. Weekly Paid Reach.

15. 28 Days Paid Reach.

16. Daily Total Impressions.

18. Weekly Total Impressions.

19. Daily Organic impressions.

20. Weekly Organic impressions.

21. 28 Days Organic impressions.

22. Daily Paid Impressions

23. Weekly Paid Impressions.

24. 28 Days Paid Impressions.

25. Daily Logged-in Page Views.

26. 28 Days Organic Reach.

27. Daily Paid Reach.

28. Weekly Paid Reach.

29. Weekly Logged-in Page Views.

30. Daily Logged-in Page Views.

31. Weekly Logged-in Page Views.

32. Daily Reach of page posts.

33. Weekly Reach of page posts.

34. 28 Days Reach of page posts.

35. Daily Organic Reach of Page posts.

36. Weekly Organic Reach of Page posts.

37. 28 Days Organic Reach of Page posts.

38. Daily Daily count of fans online.


Dreamworth solutions provides facebook marketing services in Pune. It is an apt destination to place business requisites and the Dreamworth team offers the right service that is needed to promote business. DreamWorth promises an experience that will soothe business deals and stress by upgrading business to an ultimate level.


Paid Campaign for Facebook/ LinkedIn


Service Pricing
Designing Cost 2000 per 3 images


Campaign Management Fees Monthly


Campaign Amount Management Charges
9,999-19,998 4,000/-
19,999-29,998 7,400/-
29,999-49,998 9,600/-
49,999-99,998 22% of Campaign Amount
99,999-2,99,998 15% of Campaign Amount
Customized Amount As per the requirements price can be quoted

  • 100% Responsive

    Mobile/ tablet/ laptops/ projectors to any screens! We cover all under responsive.

  • Creative Designs

    Creative & impactful web designs that will take your brand to next level

  • Reasonable Prices

    Our offerings fit everyones budget without hampering the quality and features.

  • Social Media Integration

    Linking of your social media accounts with the website to keep everyone updated with the trends.

  • Latest Technology

    Our continuous learning & of the latest trends of technology keeps us far ahead of others.

  • SEO Integration

    We follow all the google guidlines which involves SEO services along with it.

  • Real time Statistics

    Google Analytics code is integrated with the website to monitor all type of traffic of website.

  • Dedicated Team

    Professional & experienced team which keeps you updated of the complete project alonng the way.

  • Retina Graphics

    High defination graphics usage gets supported with the technology.

Want to discuss more about project?

Dreamworth is the best digital marketing companies pune offering ppc, online marketing service, whatsapp marketing, adwords Management Company.

Small businesses usually prefer a static website because they are easier to make and costs cheap. These websites use only HTML and CSS and can manage about 20 pages maximally. Dynamic website is preferred by large businesses since it can incorporate company logos, added menus and other stuff very well. These websites uses scripting along with HTML and CSS.

A website that can be accessed smoothly from any device right from a large screen desktop to a small screen smartphone is referred to as a responsive website.

In order to make you look attractive on internet and drive traffic to your website, you will need the following gamut of services:

1. Website Design Services

2. Website Revamping Services

3. Website Content Development Services

If you want to get the real benefits of going online, you can also choose for

1. Digital Marketing Services

2. SEO services

3. SMO services

4. Paid Campaigns

No! SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that helps in effective digital marketing. SEO can be said as a base of digital marketing.

Yes! After having studied your entire project, if required by the client, we provide documentation for the project in various formats that include MS Word, PDF, etc.

The traditional marketing methods have limits in terms of accessibility, outreach, cost, data analysis, etc. Digital marketing, on the other hand, extends your outreach and takes you directly to the global platform in less time. The ease of marketing, the time-cost efficiency, real-time data analysis, etc. makes digital marketing the preferred choice over traditional marketing.

Yes! We love to do that since this helps to build confidence in the client.

No! Once we have explained a particular service that is being demanded by you, we place our price before you and then you have to pay for that only.

Yes! We love to serve you 365X24X7 for any technical or non-technical matters.

Yes! We do provide Maintenance Services. For the first year, there will be no charge and after one year, we can provide it on demand.

Yes! Being a part of the digital world, we provide that option to you and you can make payments through online mode.

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