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ADWORDS Pay Per click Management:


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising refers to the small text ads that appear on the top and sides of any search engine results page. You only pay for the ad when a potential customer clicks on it and is driven to your site. To be effective, you’ll want to create multiple ads to appear on many different search pages. In other words, you’ll need to create a PPC campaign.

When you are advertising on Google in form of ads ,it is called Google Adwords.By using adwords you can put your ad on google’s first page.The ad shown on Google are paid ads and when somebody clicks on the ad a certain amount gets deducted from your adwords account.These ads can be customized on the basis of location,budget and relevancy.Ads through adwords are visible on Google,google partners and other many websites.

Our team manages the entire process for you, replacing guesswork with our time–proven methodology. We work with you to select an initial set of keywords to target with your pay per click (PPC) campaign, and then research additional keywords, across your target audience's entire research/buying cycle, to test for effectiveness in meeting your marketing goals. And we coordinate the prudent use of pay per click (PPC) advertising in co-ordination with search engine optimization — advising on when to use one technique, when the other, and when both. We are best in 

Google Adwords.


Adwords PPC campaign management service includes:

1. Using Keywords to generate a PPC Campaign

2. Creating Relevant Ads

3. Classified postings

4. Conversion Tracking

5. Monitoring Bids and Optimizing Your Campaign

6. Generating Traffic Analysis Reports



1. The ad is displayed on first page of google so attracts lot of traffic.

2. Ad can be started within 24-48 hours of payment clearance.

3. Budget can be allocated for the ad so no overspending is done.

4. If budget is not used up for the day,it is carry forwarded to the next day.No money is lost.

5. Generate leads for your business.

6. Advertising cost is very less than other Medias.

7. High ROI.


There are two types of Google Adwords namely:

1. Search Network

2. Display Network.



Search Network only lets you search your ads to people who are searching for you on Google Search Network. Ads are matched on the basis of terms and phrases someone searches for For example, if you search on Google for "home Electrician services", it might show an ad that uses that phrase as a keyword. You have small business but most the revenue comes from this business only. A "Search Network only" is a "Standard" settings campaign that lets you skip all of the advanced settings and just target your text ads towards high potential customers searching for home Electrician services.

"Display Network only" campaigns are best if you'd like to show ads on websites and apps when your keywords are related to the sites' content. Your ads are matched to websites or mobile apps that include content that's related to your business or to your customers' interests. Dreamworth Solutions is the best

ADWORDS Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, which will provide you best services.


Features Basic Advance Premium
Google Adwords Worth Rs 50,000 1,00,000 2,00,000
Ads on Search network Yes Yes Yes
Ads on Display network No No Yes
1 Page website @.in Domain No No Yes
Remarketing Ads No No Yes
Gmail Ads No No Yes
Facebook Page Creation No No Optional
Youtube Page Creation No No Optional
Twitter Page Creation No No Optional
Linkedin Page Creation No No Optional
Google + Page Creation No Yes Optional
Commercial bid Monthly
Pricing Premium
Basic 15% of Google Adwords Amount
Advance 12% of Google Adwords Amount
Premium 10% of Google Adwords Amount


Note: Service tax extra (15%) 


Terms & Conditions:

1. Dreamworth Solutions makes no guarantees or warrantees of number of sales or conversions from this campaign.

2. Customer should allow us to use its name in portfolio as DWS client.


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