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Google’s AMP, i.e., Accelerated Mobile Pages helps in fast loading of the website. AMP achieves this extraordinary speed in two ways –


1. By using narrow set of web technologies to create pages. Generally, JavaScript is a wonderful way to load web pages faster.

2. By serving pages from its own servers. Generally, it does this when a visitor visits an AMP page through Google search.

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Google’s AMP


Accelerated Mobile Pages aka AMP are web pages that are designed as per an open source requirement. Validated AMP pages are cached in Google's AMP cache, which enables them to be served even faster. A wide range of platforms along with Google Search support the AMP format. If there is a valid AMP version of a web page listed in Google's search results, Search may direct mobile users to the cached AMP.


Dreamworth Solutions is a leading Google’s AMP service provider company in Pune. We have a specialized team of web designers and developers who have vast experience and expertise in developing user-friendly and SEO-friendly websites as well as Google’s AMP services. We strive hard to offer an excellent experience to your users by loading your web pages quite quickly.


Why Google’s AMP?


1. Load web pages faster :

If AMP is used while creating your website, your web pages will get loaded quite faster. This will enhance the experience that your users get from visiting your website and this creates your good image.


Dreamworth is the AMP service provider in pune


Fast web page loading with AMP


2. Increase in number of visitors :

If AMP is applied to your website, as said earlier your web pages will load faster. This gives an outstanding experience to the users when they visit your website. This makes them remain on your website for more time. This also increases the number of visitors to your website.


AMP services in Pune


Increase in no. of visitors with AMP


3. Increase in conversion rates :

If you have a website with AMP, you will definitely experience increase in conversion rates. This is because as your web pages load faster, visitors will remain on your website for more time. As a result, the visitors will visit more web pages on your website and they may get convinced to buy products/services. This certainly increases the conversion rates.


Accelerated mobile pages


Increase in conversion rates with AMP


4. Increase in mobile viewership :

By using AMP, you will observe that the mobile viewership of your website will increase. This will in turn increase your business.


AMP website designing in Pune


Increase in mobile viewership with AMP


5. Increase in efficiency :

If you use AMP in your website, the efficiency of your website is going to definitely improve. This will in turn improve your business and sales.


Improve your searching visibility with AMP


Increase in efficiency with AMP


Dreamworth Solutions strive hard to improve your efficiency and benefit your business with AMP. Therefore, we provide first-rate AMP solutions for your website so that you go sky-high in your business.


Why Dreamworth?


Dreamworth is aware of the fact that if you want to grow in your business you should be easy and quick. So, we provide the best AMP services in the industry so that your web pages work as per user expectations and can be included in AMP-related features. World is on the go! Don’t wait to think over, just give it a try! If you want to fly above your competitors, we are just a call away!


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