Ideas to choose keywords for your websites

Keywords are very important for doing the SEO process effectively. In SEO language, keywords are known as the terms, phrases or wordings used by people to search in Google for some products or services. When a potential client or a user searches products in Google; all the business people want to reach their website at the top of the search results page.

So it is better to work on good keyword as working on a keyword with low search volume will lead to waste of your valuable time and energy. A good keyword has a lot of attributes. Below are the some of the ideas to select effective keywords


1. Check out the level of competition

Of course while selecting the keywords one has to analyze the competition of the keywords. Take the top competitors’ website and see their often used keywords in the website. After that, search for their website using those keywords. You can select those keywords if their website is top ranked for those keywords also have to check the competition level of the keywords. Better to take keywords with fewer competitions but hu8gh search volume.


2. Find Search volume

It is better to take only the keyword with high search volume or the medium search volume. With the help, Google AdWords one can find out the search volume of the keywords.


3. Avoid using Generic Keywords

One has to choose the keywords with long tail or phrases avoiding the one-word keywords. One word keywords may have high competition. While you search in Google with a one-word keyword you can see many long keywords at the bottom of the page. You can select those keywords for your website.


4. Check for local opportunities

To let google know where your business is located, it is better to select region specific keywords. It will help local people to reach your business. Adding your city and state to your keyword choices and listing your physical address tell Google that you serve a localized market.


5. Avoid choosing keywords by your own.

It is better to select keywords using the google adwords than choosing it by your own. Keyword planner in it will make you select the effective keywords. These are the some of the ideas to select keywords for your website. Selecting effective keywords can have many positive benefits in the search engine optimization process.


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