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Mobile app development is a need of time for any business and its demand is increasing globally. And, the good news is that developing mobile apps is now easier and than ever as there is no in creating an app. Every year, new mobile application development tools and technologies are launched that replace the old ones easily.


iOS App Development



Smartphone has occupied every corner of the globe. Whether it is an online business app, food request, and ordering app or fitness app, task management has become simple and streamlined with apps. Thus, considering the continuously increasing number of mobile apps, different enterprises, start-up units, and multinational companies are making their mobile and web presence to improve user interaction.


Mobile app development can be achieved through three ways, Android development, iOS development, and hybrid app development. When it comes to iOS development it is a popular and prestigious operating system that requires no separate introduction. In this technology-oriented era, all businesses plan mobile apps that are performance-driven with eye-catching appearance, friendly interface, and great navigational modes. Furthermore, there are a bunch of tools available that enable developers to create high-quality code for building fantastic applications for iPhone, iPad, and iWatch.


iOS App Development



We, Dreamworth Solutions are a reputed App Development Company and our clients are spread worldwide. We provide Android, iOS, Hybrid App development services. Through this web platform, we are ready to unlock various business aspects of iOS app development.


Overview of iOS


iOS is a popular operating system useful for mobile app development tasks. Millions of iOS apps are built every year for iOS devices globally. The iOS platform has been globally accepted by worldwide developers to write high-quality code and create innovative apps for Apple devices.


iOS Phone



If we go through iOS history, it will be interesting to note that on March 6, 2008, Apple released the first software development kit or iPhone SDK without specifying any official name but after launching the first iPhone, the OS was named as iPhone OS. Thereafter, Apple launched a new range of devices iPad and iPod on June 7, 2010, using the iPhone OS.


Tools and Technologies Involved In iOS Development




X Code It is a highly popular tool used for building great apps for all Apple devices and platforms. This tool is specifically beneficial for developers to transform and refactor code pieces smoothly. The source code editor allows building your instrument with visualization and customisation. This tool provides faster-compiling options and hence, it accelerates the app-building process. This IDE for Swift technology is commonly used by the majority of iOS developers. X Code is a fast, easy, and great tool and is considered as the top choice of many iOS app developers.


Striking Features of X Code IDE Source Editor -



Code Runner


Code Runner provides advanced code handling and completion. It keeps the capability to code in most difficult languages and tab-selectable placeholders, fuzzy-search, and documentation. It is one of the best IDE for iOS development that provides a bunch of features useful for effortless coding. It is a simple-to-use, reliable, lightweight, and advanced coding editor for iOS app design and development. It provides a feature to write and debug code in 25 objective-C, swift and objective-C++.


Striking Features of Code Runner





For iOS app development, Fabric is considered as one of the most effective iOS app development platforms. It enables coders to create better apps to serve several purposes. It is powerful but lightweight and capable to create real-time iOS apps.


Striking Features of Fabric





AppCode is one of the smart and reliable platforms developed by JetBrains and it takes care of many tasks and avoids extra coding by coders. AppCode natively supports several programming languages including Objective-C, Swift, Objective C++, JavaScript, etc. and various testing units, including Quick, XCTest, Kiwi, Boos, Catch, and Google testing frameworks, etc. AppCode supports QL editing and database management options. This IDE also monitors the quality of code generated and displays errors.


Striking Features of AppCode





TestFlight is an important tool that allows the testing of iOS apps. It also supports feedback handling before making apps live on the App Store. It allows 10,000 testers to test the app just by sending them a feedback link. For internal testers, it helps you by providing 25 testers availability for app testing and each of them can test the app on 30 devices to add up to 25 members to test your app.


Striking Features of TestFlight





Applyzer is an excellent tool for developers who also deal with insights into the app development market and ranking of an app. It provides information about application performance and the collective ranking of an app on the App Store. It also enables you to evaluate your search ranking and performance against your competitors. It also helps you in finding the best and relevant keywords for iOS, macOS, Google Play, and AppleTV. Its improved keyword search visibility makes it the choice of many developers.


Striking Features of Applyzer



Benefits of iOS apps development


In this section, we will go through different advantages of iOS apps and iOS app development from a business perspective. We hope that after going through this section you will make the next move with your business i.e. offers and brand to Apple users through a great iOS app.


Prospective clients with a rich profile


iOS apps serve the patrons or prospective consumers that bear a strong economic profile and a broad class of high paying clients. From a business perspective, it is desirable to create iOS apps for converting and attracting this class of society for better leads and consumer withholding.


Rich Client Profile



Better Reach To Tech-Savvy Audience


iPhones form a great attraction for tech-savvy audiences worldwide. iOS app development allows engaging this tech-savvy class with your offerings and promotions. It also adds to your brand recognition and reputation.


Secure Platform


Apple offers a highly secure platform for mobile app development and launching. These apps are less likely susceptible by malware and other virus and cyber-attacks. This striking security feature is engrossing to both businesses and their prospective clients.

iOS Security



Scope In International Market


Apple apps enhance the possibility of penetrating your business and offers in the global market. Apple users are mostly seen in developed and rich nations and hence with iOS app development, your business can reach and engage this class making your business prospects brighter.


Simple and straightforward testing


Testing iOS apps is easier as the number of devices released is not too big. The testing tools and platforms provided by Apple are highly reliable and easily facilitates unit, beta and cloud testing of the app.

 iOS App Testing



Good ROI


When compared to other web platforms iOS apps support good ROI due to the category of people they serve. This category of people is more likely to proceed with the sales, conversions and other transactions. Hence, the possibility of lead generation is more with iOS app development.




No intermediate data carrier


Apple does not allow any carrier junk or other third-party apps for data processing and increases security aspects of your data.


Best Power Management


Power issues and power management by Apple and no other brand is near to or comparable with Apple for these factors.


Reviews and Ratings


Apple users are directed and guided by reviews and rating options accessible on the App Store. This can be an opportunity for enterprises to drive more user attention by fast reply, bug fixes, and excellent quality.


 Review and Rating



Solutions and iOS Apps


Depending on the client requirement we, Dreamworth Solutions are pleased to offer iOS app development services. Being an experienced and seasoned player in the app development industry we love innovations and challenges.


Our iOS App Development Services Offerings are:



We serve the following industries for their Android, iOS, and hybrid app development requirements.



Dreamworth Solutions’ Framework For iOS Development


Our unique and best iOS development design framework consists of the following steps -


Dedicated iOS Developers


Our experienced and talented iOS developers handle a dedicated project and they finalize right and perfect iOS app solutions to serve the client’s business requirements.


In House Development


We do the in-house development of the app and not a single line of code is outsourced.


Customised Agile process


For iOS app development we utilise a custom agile process that reduces the risk and helps in risk mitigation and delivers reliable apps.


End - to - End service


Our team offers you an end-to-end service that prominently includes consulting, product strategy building, UI and UX design, programming and development, testing through various versions, deployment and delivery followed by post support.


App Store Submission


We also manage app store deployment procedures like listing, description, assets and any other procedures remaining.


Maintenance and Support


We also offer excellent and reasonable packages for maintenance and support services that assure trouble-free updates and changes in the app and keep your app ranking good.




Our expert team, business analysts will consult you for the best possible solutions. The technical team has matchless experience with App Development, and they are committed to offering tailor-made solutions to your business requirements. We also provide prompt services for Android app development and maintenance services. We are an experienced, branded and reputed player in App development industry. Please share your app development requirements, we will get back to you with the best possible solutions.


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