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As a business leader, you work hard to ensure that your company has all the resources and materials it needs to achieve operational and strategic goals and sustain more with time. However, you may be missing the one crucial resource that isn’t just vital to your company’s day-to-day operations but is also critical to your company’s growth.


Information technology, or IT, provides a solid foundation for businesses to conduct daily operations, enhance their company communications, increase workplace productivity and provide a layer of security for confidential data. In short, IT can give your business the boost it needs to compete at a higher level within your industry, irrespective of your size or the number of employees you consist of. Fortunately, you don’t need to implement a full-time IT department in your business to enjoy the benefits of information technology.


IT companies can provide you with the services your business needs to meet its objectives. Apart from advice on your IT needs, IT companies can estimate, manage, implement, deploy and administer IT systems on your company’s behalf. Working with any reputable IT company delivers businesses so much more; it can delivers a host of services that can deliver real competitive advantage, as well as greater profitability.


But what exactly do IT companies do for businesses to earn a priority?

Firstly let’s look at your car, chances are you check the tire pressure, coolant, oil and probably even take it for a service regularly, why? This reduces the chances of the car breaking, protects warranties and stops car based calamity, having a detrimental impact on your life. Chances are you leave much of this to a qualified technician experienced with your brand of vehicle.

Apply this same methodology to your business and it makes sense to have the support provided by IT companies.


Moreover, all businesses, even small ones, are under constant attack and pressure around data security. In the modern world of competition where even the most infinitesimal mistake carries the potential to be fatal, businesses can not afford to be fooled into thinking that it can’t happen to them, it can and probably will if precise and inevitable steps are left on hold. One also needs to be mindful that data and compliance laws apply to all businesses and not just large enterprise, and breeches are now being taken very seriously indeed. IT companies also help you receive proactive maintenance and monitoring, identifying and resolving challenges before they even affect you or your staff, minimizing potential problems and keeping you running and generating revenue.


Proficient IT companies can help you define the IT security you may need. They can help protect your business from inadvertently and unwillingly leaking data or installing malicious software that can impact your business. Support from IT companies can also ensure that every machine you run has the latest security patches and antivirus updates installed.


A well delivered IT strategy, helps you to handle businesses and technology demands in highly efficient ways. IT companies can offer advice on technologies that can improve your working as well as looking at ways to do more with your current infrastructure. IT and technology used well, empowers your business. You can also benefit from having regular IT strategy reviews and updates, providing you access to a Virtual CTO and a team to support your business plans and growth.


The growing trend of IT outsourcing can bridge the gap between businesses that overlook IT as a critical business component, mainly because of the cost to develop and maintain an IT department. In fact, analysis expect global IT outsourcing to have a compound annual growth rate of close to six percent through 2019. Some studies show as much as 60 percent of the IT function being outsourced, with spending on outsourcing accounting for 10.2 percent of average IT budgets. Companies that invest in outsourced IT services achieve significant benefits that help them operate more efficiently and effectively without having to invest in a full-fledged IT department.


The main driver of IT outsourcing for many companies is reduced spending. Savings are significant, with some estimates as high as 40 percent. It doesn’t take much to realize savings; a study has reported that simply outsourcing email would produce notable savings. Both capital and operating expenses can be reduced. You do not need to purchase computer hardware and dedicate expensive square footage to develop a data center. You do not have the expenses of hiring employees to perform IT functions; all the functions of an internal IT team, from application development to hardware installations to end user support can be outsourced. Along with reduced payroll comes reduced expenses for training and benefits. Outsourcing also makes costs predictable, with contracts specifying fixed monthly charges. Outsourcing vendors can often charge less for network access and support than a business would pay the provider directly, as they purchase in bulk and can pass on savings.


The cash flow is crucial to any business, especially those growing. And having the expense of IT support, when nothing seems to go wrong may seem like a luxury.


For most companies, IT is a support function, not a core competency. Building and supporting your own data center isn’t likely to give you a competitive advantage. Because your business isn’t technology, it’s hard to recruit and retain an internal IT team with top-tier skills, so your team may not have the skills to create software which could give you an edge. Outsourcing through IT companies lets your management focus on your core competencies and business development, rather than struggling with technology issues. In addition, outsourced IT services offer 24/7 support and guaranteed service level agreements that go beyond what your internal operations team could provide, letting you get more work done with fewer operational issues.


Poorly implemented outsourcing can lead to unhappy employees who worry about the security of their own jobs, but given that it is handled properly, outsourcing can actually increase your employees’ morale. Offloading IT work lets your employees focus on the jobs they were hired to do, while the more reliable systems provided by IT companies can let them get more done, because employees no longer have to perform tasks they are not an expert at and are more productive at their core task.


Managed properly, working with outsourced IT companies implements the filter for a business to focus on developing its business.


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