Mobile Application Code Audit

Mobile apps have been an instrumental tool in this corporate world and hence, mobile app code audit is mandatory to ensure the security and confidentiality of data and information that is assessed through these apps. Mobile app code and security audit confirm the security of apps from attacks and data security for all mobile development platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Mobile applications may have vulnerabilities just like web applications. These vulnerabilities mostly result from poor programming practices, insecure coding ways, or sometimes because of purposefully injected tricky code snippets. For mobile app users and business organizations, it is crucial to understand how vulnerable their mobile applications are.


Mobile App Code Audit



We, Dreamworth Solutions, a leading brand in mobile app development services across India also offer mobile app code audit services to add security and reliability to your mobile app. With this platform, we are ready to explore various aspects of the mobile application code audit procedure and benefits.


Technical Aspects of Mobile Application Code Audit


Mobile applications that are developed using platforms like iOS, Android or any other platform can be assessed using proven static or dynamic audit techniques. Static analysis is performed by employing certain text piece or string-based searches in the source code. On the other hand, dynamic analysis is carried at runtime or compile-time and vulnerabilities are discovered in simulated fashion. Dynamic analysis is difficult than static analysis methods for mobile app code audit.


Technical Aspects of mobile code audit



While performing mobile security audit the following points are noted by auditors -



The classical approach to mobile app code security audit includes the following types of audit procedures:


While performing mobile security audit the following points are noted by auditors -


Mobile App Analysis-Audit



Mobile App Data Transmission Security Aspects



Important aspects of mobile code analysis


Mobile code analysis is intended to attend the following points


Documentation clarity


Documentation clarity is equally important for the app development project as that of a web development project. The clearer and better the app documentation, the faster the app development process and the fewer resources requirement. During code changes, all underlying documents also should be updated to reflect the changes. For code deletion tasks, all relevant document pieces should be deleted. Documentation also provides a comprehensive way to check logical errors in the code.


Documentation Clarity



Code styling


Code styling encompasses the following aspects -



Architectural patterns


Mobile app architecture works as a blueprint for the app development project. App architecture specifies the work assignments that must be conducted by the design and development teams. While working as a mobile app auditor we assess the correctness of architectural pattern, business logic and decoupling from the view layer, and correctness of different components and its connections. We employ Model–View–ViewModel (MVVM) for architectural patterns and its assessment and finally confirm that the same pattern is followed by the developer.




Simplicity is an essential principle in software development and when it comes to mobile app development the KISS principle i.e. Keep It Short and Simple is the key element. This principle assures that unnecessary complexity must be avoided, and design should be as simple as possible. One basic requirement state that the code should be easily understood by other coders and additional changes in the code will not result in new bugs creation. Auditors confirm that the classes and functions defined are well structured and easy to understand.


Error handling


Error handling is highly important in the mobile app development project. Our auditor's scan code for various errors including user input driven errors, server responses, and database transaction errors. Error handling procedures are not only about logging detected errors, but these also include flow check and understanding of what exactly went wrong.


Test coverage


Detailed functionality testing and its written comprehensive documentation are necessary before passing code into production. The early test principle is highly useful to fix bugs and detect mistakes early in the project life cycle. During code audit and testing we perform unit testing, business logic tests for every functionality.

Test Coverage



Performance monitoring


Mobile app development introduces us to the new facets of performance evaluation like device processing power, memory limits, and battery capacities. Every developer needs to gauge their mobile app product against these performance metrics in order to sustain the product in the competitive world of play store. App performance mainly depends on source code and other factors like SDKs, devices, OS, network constraints, APIs and data devices. We utilise Android Profiler to gather data about an app’s execution.




This is the most significant aspect of a mobile app code review that is conducted to discover security vulnerabilities and code weaknesses. Code vulnerabilities can arise due to flaws in business logic, internal structures, and system design issues.


Mobile Apps Attack Mechanisms


Mobile App Attacks



Browser-Based Attacks


Various browser-based attacks include attacking methods such as clickjacking, phishing, data-caching, and man-in-the-middle attacks. These attacking methods use a web server or a browser to exploit the Web-based mobile applications. Attackers use malicious scripts and inject these scripts into the components of an app.


SMS Based Attacks


In this method, the invader can potentially gain unofficial access to the targeted app and the device by sending one malicious text piece to the device via SMS. Twitter recently faced a vulnerability issue due to this attack mechanism. SMS based attacks can extend its hazards up to account takeover hacks. This attack comes in a chain attack format.


Application-Logic Based Attacks


In this attacking mechanism, the hacker uses a flaw in the application logic that can provide them access to sensitive data and information such as email addresses, credentials passwords, account numbers, and account details, etc. Application logic-based attacks are raised due to weak encryption, improper SSL Injection, and inaccurate permission structure, etc.


Dreamworth Solutions Mobile App Code Audit Services


We, Dreamworth Solutions, offer comprehensive mobile app code audit services to our clients. Our services enable our esteemed client to avail the following benefits.



Highlights of Mobile App Code Audit Services


Mobile app code audit


Mobile App Testing and Deployment Phase Audit


Security Audits for Mobile Apps


You can call our business team for your website or mobile app code audit requirements to keep your mobile app robust and sustainable. Get connected with the top App development company in India for all your audit and review requirements at reasonable costs and easy packages.

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