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You write and develop unique contents, interesting videos, appealing images and an attractive website. Why? Just to let netters read and watch it. If you have a commercial aim behind this all, then you must want more and more people to visit your website and know about you and ultimately bring business to you. But, do you really think this all is that easy?


If you are a blogger or into content writing, you must be well acquainted with SEO. The unique and best tool that enables you to reach people easily and impress Google is nothing but SEO. Yes, it is the highly demanded and a must strategy to rank higher on search engines. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The fundamental thing is that you cannot rank higher on Google or any other search engines without SEO.


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SEO for higher Google rankings


Now, you would want to know how to maximally utilize this SEO tool. Well, we are here to help you in that matter, both verbally and practically. Here, we present you with unique strategies you can implement to rank higher on Google. Go ahead reading.


1. Work on content :

You must have read many times that content is the king. So, you better work that way. Let your content actually rule. It is not enough to develop unique, fresh and interesting content. You should develop content that is relevant to your topic of interest. Most of the times, in order to get higher rankings on Google, people publish irrelevant content and this is where they make the biggest mistake. Doing this, they are liable to be penalized by Google. So, work heavily on content.


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content is critical part of SEO


2. Updation :

Most of the times, after publishing the content on websites, the website is left as it is. You may keep on adding more and more content on your website, but the old one is left unaddressed. Every single thing is evolving around and so your content topic must have been undergone few changes and you need to update it regularly. Google looks for sites with content that are updated regularly


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keep updating your content


3. Theme :

The first but simple rule is that do not stick to a particular format of delivering your content. People do not like reading always, they enjoy watching too. If images speak louder than words, why not let them scream? You may change your content themes by publishing any one of these:


The smarter ones combine all these.

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work on multiple content formats


4. Keywords :

Keywords or keyword phrases are what Google makes the basis for ranking websites. A keyword is any word that you think will be used to find your content on Google. Usually, keywords are related to your topic of interest. Use keywords smartly. Use at least one keyword in your title and use it wherever found relevant in your content. Make sure, you do not end up writing a content that is keyword stuffed. The same is the case with other forms of content like images, videos, infographics, etc. This works wonders to rank higher on Google.


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use keywords wisely


5. Monitor yourself :

There is nothing more important and reliable than self-evaluation. Keep monitoring yourself regularly. We do not say that you don’t rely on Google reports, but create your own reports too. Keep a track of your work by putting keywords used by you on Google. This will confirm your rankings. Once you get to know where you stand on Google, you can work on your negative points and eliminate them quickly.


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self evaluation is a must



6. Competitor research :

Do not limit yourself to yourself in the market. You need to check often where your competitors stand in the market. Check their content, check their keywords, the way they incorporate them in their content. Look for their DAs (Domain Authorities) and PAs (Page Authorities). Research on them, study and draw conclusions. With the obtained conclusions, develop strategies that would keep you ahead of your competitors.


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know your competitors

What basically SEO suggests is that “Do not try to fool Google, rather try to impress it.” Following these SEO techniques however are not really easy to be followed by anyone. To see the expected results, you need trained, experienced and professional team. Dreamworth Solutions is what plays an eminent role in showcasing its expertise in the field of SEO. There is no smartness in missing the opportunity when you have experienced people in your reach. So, get in touch with us today to reach higher and higher on Google rankings.


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