Website Development Company In India

Website Development Company In India


Rapid technology changes in the last two decades have transformed the lives on many fronts including business, shopping, social media presence, services, and many more. Websites have become such powerful tools these days that it is impossible to resume daily routines without the use of it. Be it is for payment services, be it is for booking and shopping, or be it is for social connections, searches, and online profiles, websites are becoming a key tool to streamline our daily routines.


We Dreamworth Solutions a leading Website Development Company in India are glad to introduce you to the fundamentals of Website development. We are an authentic and quality software and app service provider and our web applications, website, and app development services are just fantastic and delighting to the customers.


Being a brand in Website development, we would like to educate our readers about the Web development process through technical perspectives. We take this platform to throw light on various aspects of Website development.


Let's begin the session with the introduction of the website term.


What is a website?


A website is a bunch of globally accessible, interconnected web pages that are recognized with a single domain name. It can be developed and maintained by an individual, industry or organization. The website is aimed to serve a range of purposes. Example: Blogs, Social Networking, or video-sharing websites.


A website is hosted on single or different web servers and it is accessed through a network E.g. Internet or a private local area network via IP address.





Browsers are software programmes that load the websites through your network connection, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. In this case, the user computer is also termed as the client.


What is web development?


Before getting into technical aspects of website technologies, it is essential to understand the working mechanism of a website i.e. workflow of a website, front end, and back end concepts, etc.





Working Mechanism of a Website


All websites which are nothing but just a bunch of files are saved on a computer or a server. This special computer or server operates through the internet. Website owners need to load that website using a browser Firefox, Chrome, or Safari through own computer or client machine. In short, it is a game of getting and loading data from the client machine to the server or vice versa.


Web Development


After getting knowledge of the website concept and its working mechanism, let’s talk about prominent web development technologies.







HTML the keystone of the website design and development process! HTML work as the building block for a website and hence website development work is impossible without including HTML. HTML or (Hypertext Markup Language) provides the format, design elements and layout of a web page. HTML comprises of a series of tags that denote the divisions and components of a web page.


For example, the tag can be used to embed an image on a webpage. However HTML will not work alone, it requires CSS and JavaScript for rendering a page.




CSS was devised for separating the content of a web page from the styling aspects and codes. CSS can be coupled to a web page to generate the styling for that page.




JavaScript has occupied a much more central and prominent role in web development.
At its core, JavaScript is a fully-functional and dynamic language that is executable through a web browser.


JavaScript adds an element of interactivity and programmatic manipulations to the web pages. JavaScript is able to interact with the DOM of a web page through its underlying structure for changing a web page and its style.




ASP.NET Core is the completely revised edition of ASP.NET. Microsoft has designed ASP.NET Core as an open-source and cross-platform framework. ASP.NET Core also supports the set of features and tools to accelerate the creation of tailor-made web applications and cloud-based applications as well. It is possible to run ASP.NET Core applications on three major operating systems – Windows, Linux and macOS. Additionally, they have the choice to deploy the final web applications in the cloud or run them on on-premise infrastructure.




Oracle has developed JSP with features to ease-out and endorse dynamic web content creation. This web development platform is developed on top of Java EE 5. It leverages JSP as a server-side web technology to create dynamic and platform-independent content. JSP further simplifies the web development process by allowing experts to access several Java APIs. The JSP tags are beneficial for programmers to carry-out simple web development routines like fetching data from databases, sharing data between web pages/requests, and passing control between different web pages, etc.




An open-source framework that is managed by Google and other development communities is commonly used for Web development purposes. This framework is common amongst engineers as it enables them to extend HTML vocabulary for website development. AngularJS is one of the most popular Javascript Frameworks. Its several benefits include a Lightweight framework, faster loading, easy testability, Two-way data binding, HTML extensions, and expressiveness. On the other hand, its negative side includes detailed knowledge, router limitations and code debugging troubles, etc.


Web Development


After getting knowledge of the website concept and its working mechanism, let’s talk about prominent web development technologies.




Frameworks are devised to make developing, building and working with programming languages simpler. Frameworks mainly consider all repetitive tasks in developing a new web application and either work on it on behalf of you or make your job easy.








Libraries are classes or groups of code snippets that allow many numbers of functionalities without writing its code by you. Libraries generally handle the work of assuring code efficiency and the execution of programs across browsers and devices.





In simple terms, databases store the data. Databases are classified in two flavors: SQL and NoSQL. SQL provides an appropriate structure that assists with making sure all the data is accurate and validated. On the other hand, NoSQL offers a lot of flexibility for creating and managing applications.






Data formats


Data formats define the structure of data.






Programming Languages


Programming languages are the mechanisms to interact with machines and inform them of further instructions.





Browsers are the specific interpreters of the network. They request data and then they show us on the web page in a friendly format we can see and analyse.








An API is nothing but an application programming interface. It is developed by the application developer to allow other team members to use a few of the application's functionality without the necessity of sharing code.





In A Nutshell


We Dreamworth Solutions a brand name in Website Development and various Digital Marketing services are pleased to offer and inform you about the technical edges of the website development process. With the help of our highly experienced and skilled IT professionals, we have been able to satisfy our consumers with valuable Web Development and Maintenance Services.


Our broad spectrum for Web Development services includes simple website development like blogs, company websites, Social Networking services and complex apps like e-Commerce portals, Content Management System and many more.


We have with us several years of experience in the domain of website development and services using cutting edge technologies like PHP, MySQL, JSP, ASP ASP.NET and many more. We serve small and big business players for their software, mobile app, and web application development requirements.


Web Application Development Services



Once you share your business requirements we will provide the best and reasonable software service package to you. Our software maintenance, upgrade and migration services are also par excellent. Our huge client base is spread globally and glad about our services. Our Website Development services and web application capabilities and features are well respected by our patrons and acknowledged with their feedbacks and testimonials. You can check our success stories and client testimonials on our website for additional reference and to confirm why we are renowned as the top Website Development Company in India.


Once you select us as your software development or App development partner, the next voyage will be smooth and easy for you. Our business analysts will precisely understand your Website and Application service requirements, and the technical team will provide the best possible software solutions for you. We also provide the best maintenance and post services for further ease. No software technology is a bar for us as our technical teams are ready to accept the challenges and cope up with new technologies anytime. However, our consulting team will suggest you the best platform that will serve your requirements.


500 + clients

500 + Clients

500+ happy clients served till date from various countries.

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Transparent Process

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Experienced Employees

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Unmatched Solutions

Team Dreamworth works completely alongside the customers in order to provide them with the best possible solutions.

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Quality Assurance

Our Team conducts high-level quality checks at every phase of the project delivering the best quality solutions.

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100% Customer Support

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100% Satisfaction

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We do specialise in offering SEO services by optimising the real estate websites or portals to generate quality leads through the implementation of white hat SEO processes.


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