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Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app. There’s not even a single person who is without whatsapp in his phone. Thus whatsapp is a very powerful tool to market your services to public. Through whatsapp marketing, text messages, images, videos and audios are shared with your client to boost up your marketing strategy. It also involves sharing your whatsapp details on your website so that client can directly contact you. Whatsapp has gained commercial importance among business primarily by its acquisition by Facebook. Whatsapp marketing services are provided with the help of a tool.


It just provides an innovative bulk messaging services to your customers with 100 % delivery to your messages. This can be a cost effective business solution. There are some whatsapp marketing strategy like sending images of your products and services to your client, setting a display picture of your product on whatsapp group, giving alerts of your discount offers and many more.

Whatsapp marketing can be called as a next marketing tool for your business. Sending a message only in a text format is not that attractive and convincing. But just imagine sending a SMS with an images, videos or audios. You can do this with whatsapp marketing. This creates a good impact on customers and markets your services on faster pace.

1. A modernized way to communicate with your clients.

2. Create a message with 480 characters and send it to number of people.

3. Attach a video with your whatsapp message.

At Dreamworth you will get a constant support for your whatsapp marketing service. We will help you to create excellent marketing strategies for whatsapp.


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