Importance of Title Tags in SEO

A picture is worth a thousand words. It is so true that we are designed to understand a pictorial representation much faster and easier than its textual form. Let’s take online shopping for example. It is all the game of pictures and presentation. Even if we consider complex software programs which are written to build amazing apps, if you look at the actual code, I am sure you will end up scratching your head, but if you have a look at the data flowchart presentation of these complex programs, understanding the code written becomes so much easier. As far as personal experience is concerned, I always focused on filling up my exam paper with diagrams, flowcharts more than writing page full of detailed explanation and that helped me to make a pretty good score and grade. Similarly, in the marketing world, images also play a vital role in making a good score in SEO services. You must be wondering how? But first let’s know the basics before getting into the complexity.


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Image optimization in SEO

When we talk about companies taking efforts to seek customer attention, they target customers from all areas and aspects. Images, pictures and photographs are added to blogs, article and websites etc. with the purpose of drawing these customers, to get more views, to make the document look pretty and likable. We are well aware of the fact that for any company, the most important goal is to make themselves accessible by maximum public. But, to make it accessible, it is important for companies to recognize and take care of every customer needs and their comfort. However, there are certain scenarios and exceptions where these images are not accessible, take for example a visually impaired customer, what happens then? Softwares such as screen reader, does identification and interaction with what is displayed on the screen. Screen readers are used in cases when the person is listening to the content of the webpage, and that is how companies are able to have maximum accessibility. From the marketing point of view, how do these images help in SEO? Here comes the role of alt tags and title tags of the image. So let us first know what these are.

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Title tag and Alt tag on a webpage

Title tags are the titles which are displayed in the search results. To make it easy, title tags are those big blue links which get displayed while doing a search on internet. These title tags must give very concise, clear and accurate information about what the visitors have searched for and what the website is about. Alt tags are the alternate image titles which are displayed when a user hovers over the image which are there on your website. If you look at the image provided above, you will be able to understand where you can find these tags on a website or in the search result.

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Title tags are effective weapons in SEO

Apart from the content of the product, website, blog and article etc. which should necessarily be effective and unique to have good SEO results, there is another important part which plays a pivotal role having top rankings in search engines. There are many search engine optimization companies that helps with the same.

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Importance of title tags in having good SEO results

In order to encourage maximum views from the visitors, companies are making proper and effective use of alt tags and title tags with the help of SEO experts. It is quite interesting to know how just an image can contribute so much in bringing your website on the top of all. Basically it is necessary to add easy and quick titles to the image which are relevant to the picture that is getting displayed. Keeping in mind that whether the image title tags show relevant information, does the title include the keywords and is it helping the user to understand the image are few of the basic question you should ask before going ahead with SEO optimization and also by considering certain attributes of the image which are listed below, you can fine-tune your images.



These observations could be justified with the help of SEO firms. SEOs consider image title tags as one of the factor in identifying the higher hits on your websites. Creating the perfect title tags directs your traffic towards you. When you have your rating at the top you can even think of improvising and tweaking the image title tags as per the needs and keep it changing to have consistently greater traffic. Analyze your title tags as per the need and bring changes in them for optimized results. Continuously optimizing the title tags gives an additional pull in attracting large amount of public to your company. Tagging your images properly indeed is a valuable asset in SEO practices.


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