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Have you ever wondered about continuously changing Search Engine algorithms implemented by Google? It has released continuous updates to their search engine algorithms and out of which Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird were the most striking one. But according to many SEO experts, Google is looking for websites that make their users happy and drive them repeatedly to the same website. In that sense, two factors take high priority which are- Are your website users satisfied with your content and how long they spend on your website?






SEO - A Hit Formula for Every Business


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the most important activity for any online business due to the urge to have the top search engine placements of your website. Getting a top search engine ranking is not lesser than winning a war. SEO is implemented through the following three techniques


  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO


Types Of SEOTypes Of SEO




What Is On-Page SEO?


On-page SEO or on-site SEO defines the best practices for website optimization by giving utmost consideration to each web page. In this technique, an individual web page is optimized to receive a higher rank and drive more qualified web traffic through search engines. The key difference between the on-page and off-page SEO technique is that the former refers to optimizing the content and HTML source code while the latter refers to improving link structure and other external signals. The on-page SEO technique mainly includes content, title tag, and internal links and URL optimization. On the other hand, off-page SEO techniques focus on improving search engine signals that happen to be generated from other websites through backlinks, social media links, etc. One positive aspect of on-page SEO is that it is under the full control of the website owner, unlike off-page SEO practices.


Comparison between on-page and off-page SEO Comparison between on-page and off-page SEO




Negligence to On-page SEO Initiatives - The Biggest Mistake


The on-page SEO technique delivers fantastic results to marketers in terms of organic traffic hike, quality content delivery to users, and improved search engine ranking. These fabulous results offered by on-page or on-site optimization makes this technique as an obligatory, core and integral SEO practice.



On-page SEO Timeline


On-page SEO practices require different time frames depending on the activity to be performed. For example, page structure improvement, website speed optimization, and secure protocols like HTTPS need a one-time setup and configurations. On the other hand, some activities necessitate periodic and action-based optimization practices, e.g. optimization for each blog post. But remember that you cannot stop on-page SEO tasks even if you are persistently on the first position because SEO is an on-going process.



An Essentials of On-Page SEO


On-page SEO is incomplete without the following factors:


SEO project necessitates massive expertise and patience, the individual web page on the website must be set up and optimized correctly in order to address every search engine’s dynamic ranking formulae or algorithm. Apart from content and coding, Google has started giving higher roles and importance to the pleasing user experience and behaviour making the role of SEO experts more critical than ever.


Here is a small attempt to introduce you with the essential on-site SEO factors that can help you in formulating a great on-page SEO strategy for your website.



Explore All Technical Possibilities


The thumb rule for on-page SEO states that being an SEO expert, tweak your website with all the necessary techno-twists. Be it a code quality, a title tag optimization, a Meta description, or perhaps, it be a headline or header tags tweaks, but do it. Accept every technical challenge to meet standard guidelines of SEO and beautify your website.

Technical Aspects of on-page SEO Technical Aspects of on-page SEO



It provides a clue on the web page content; hence, the title optimization can be achieved by offering great title content, a clickable title and the same clue in the browser window. 

Meta descriptions are provided using Meta tags and they offer information on what the webpage is about. Meta descriptions appear underneath the title of the page in the SERPs. Catchy Meta descriptions can help Google to better and precisely understand your website.

A compelling headline is an all-time hit formula for on-page SEO. A great headline can trigger qualified traffic to your website, hence, optimize your headline to make it appealing, unique and eye-catching with various pro tips like use of questions, surprise elements, etc.

Optimized header tags (H1-H6) provide a good impact for uplifting your website in SERP by offering good visibility, divisions of content, and readability to the users.

  1. Title Tag
  2. Meta description
  3. Headlines
  4. Header Tags


Content is the king


You might have come across the phrase “content is the king” many times while surfing SEO blogs. Just think why users visit your website. The most probable reason is that website offers the information which they are looking for. More you take efforts to provide correct, excellent and appealing content, more is the possibility of your website to be liked by Google and it will be promoted in the search engine results. Also, content writers need to take care of integrating the right keywords at the right places. You can go through our content marketing service details for more information on it.



Flawless UX


The emerging and at the same time equally important aspect of on-page SEO is User experience. Flawless User Experience is defined through design elements, user understandability, and ease while surfing a website. Navigational elements, divisions, content links and readability with quality content assure better user experience to the online users. And last but not the least respect your user’s time by providing fast loading website to them. A user-friendly website with beautiful design elements and fast loading mechanics will be a top choice of Google.


In A Nutshell


We, Dreamworth Solutions are recognized and experienced SEO partner in Mumbai and we offer the best in class and exclusive SEO service to our global clients. We provide SEO packages that fit in legal frameworks and we also warn our clients and prospects to be aware of number games while selecting an SEO agency. We offer on-page, off-page, and technical SEO services to our clients. We also handle Google penalty removal services to victimized clients. For this, we emphasise on white hat SEO techniques powered by other promotional efforts like SMO and website changes.



Why Dreamworth?


Just have look at points that distinguishes us from other SEO agencies.


Experience - With 10 years of experience in this industry we understand the minute details of each service. The majority of the companies demand SEO agency to be well experienced and established in the market. We proudly say that we fit in with your criteria of experience. 


Results – Consumers gauge SEO agencies on the scale of its SEO performance and number-based statistics. It's our summery regarding this. We have been dominating top SERPs for many associated keywords making our website the top choice of Google. Also, we have dealt with more than 500 worldwide clients for their different requirements. We can proudly say that we have shown excellent optimization results on more than 10000+ keywords.


Transparency – Our one of the fundamental business principles is to keep it simple and transparent. We promise you about 100% transparency from our side with our SEO projects. For this, we will provide you with timely, standard and custom reports.


Efforts – Our talented and experienced SEO and content team will put maximum efforts for research and analysis making your every move correct and game-changing. We love to accept challenges and hence, no task will be a bar for us. 


Affordable - Our SEO packages are not very costly and designed to be pocket friendly. We provide effective SEO packages at competitive rates. Please check our SEO packages page for detailed plans. 


Will it help your business?


Well, every investor thinks about this question before taking any investment decision. But when it comes to SEO services, your online business will get tremendous benefit in terms of organic reach, traffic, lead, brand awareness, and many more points. Please refer to our case study section for more details on it.


SEO Services offered by us


  1. Keyword Research and Analysis
  2. Competitor Analysis
  3. SEO optimization of the website
  4. Link building
  5. Social media promotion
  6. Responsive web design
  7. Penalty Removal Services
  8. Content Strategy and marketing
  9. SEO performance monitoring


Get connected with Dreamworth Solutions for any SEO requirements. Just drop an email or call our business team, we are right there to help you.


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500 + clients

500 + Clients

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Transparent Process

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Experienced Employees

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Unmatched Solutions

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Quality Assurance

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100% Satisfaction

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The cut-throat competition among various educational institutes demand top SERP rankings to generate good quality leads and our experience in this domain helps us to give the required results.


Our experience in the travel industry domain helps us to optimize the travel websites and portals with the objective of generating more revenue and visibility through bookings, organic traffic, leads, etc.


Our SEO team is specialized in working on the e-commerce platforms as the ranking of the category and the product listing pages for the targeted keywords is important with respect to the sales.


Our expert team delivers an unmatched result as they have a good experience in optimizing the healthcare websites to increase the search engine rankings for the various goals like online consultation, lead generation, increased traffic.

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