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CDN - Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network, most commonly known by CDN, is basically a set of global servers that deliver web content. It is very interesting to know that whenever you are going through website on the internet, reading blogs and articles, surfing through online shopping sites, watching YouTube videos or anything, you are using CDNs. So, whatever you do or whatever type of content you use, you will find CDNs behind every single character of the content, every single image pixel and every single movie frame in your browser.


What is Content Delivery Network?


You might have experienced many times that when you have clicked a link on the internet; it takes a bit more time to load the webpage. This delay may be due to different causes. Here, you will understand what CDN does. Here, CDN works by minimizing this delay by improving the speed and performance of the website. Basically, CDN minimizes the physical distance between you and the website’s server.

In order to minimize this physical distance, what CDN does is that it stores caches. Yes, it works by storing a cached version of a website’s content via several points of presence, PoPs. These PoPs contain many caching servers that are responsible for delivering content to the visitors that are located near its proximity. This implies that CDN puts the content in multiple locations at a time and provides good coverage to the users. This is the reason why you can access any website from around the world sitting in India. This then confirms that the more closer the CDN server is to the user physically or geographically, the faster the content will be delivered to the user.


Advantages of CDN :


CDN offers a number of advantages to the website owner and to the user as well. Here are a few of the important advantages that CDN offers :

1. Eliminates geographical barriers.

2. Faster loading times of websites for web and mobile users.

3. Better site performance.

4. Google has stated that page load time is one of the search engine ranking factors. Use of CDN speeds up loading time.

5. SEO optimization for each country.

6. Your content is available even during the heavy traffic times and stressful situations like excessive user traffic, intermittent spikes, and potential server outages.

7. Since there is no load on origin, CDN decreases infrastructure costs due to traffic offloading.

8. Reduced hosting costs and faster ROI.

9. CDN manages traffic and eliminates your website showing errors like: “Internal server error” or “Database error”.

10. You can have more control on asset delivery by delivering real-time load statistics, optimize capacity per customer, and display active regions.


Why Dreamworth?


Dreamworth is an IT company based in Pune and Mumbai and has profound experience in all sorts of services related to websites. We are India’s leading CDN providers and provide multiple servers across the world that helps your content to be delivered in seconds. This helps to boost not only your website’s speed but also your reliability. Our content delivery network service provides you with protection against huge rushes in traffic. Dreamworth is pledged to design and built to integrate emerging technologies to provide your clients with the most advanced protocols on the web; today and tomorrow. Connect with us to experience a speedy CDN that is made to beat any other CDN you have ever tried before. We present you the following reasons why to opt for Dreamworth :

1. Lower server load.

2. Less or no downtimes.

3. Increase in concurrent users on the server.

4. Maximum availability of your product and service.

5. Reaching mobile customers with ease.

6. Geo-location of the content.

7. Entering new markets with ease.

8. Faster content delivery to web browsers.

9. May you have any kind of data, word, audio, or video, we will help it deliver from CDN.

10. We provide file usage reports that can supplement your website analytics.


How will you see after subscribing with Dreamworth?


Our clients find their websites to be speedy and improved web experience. Your website will have higher availability, lower network latency and lower packet loss. Our built-in version controls will enable to link to a specific version of a CSS file or a JavaScript library.

So, if you aim to use a content delivery network, we ensure it accelerates static content, dynamic content, mobile content, e-commerce transactions, video, voice, games, apps, other software downloads, operating system updates, etc. We strive to make people reach you around the world like around the corner.


Future scope of CDN:


As even the daily activities are moving to the internet, the internet is, even more, going to be crowded with a huge number of websites. It is not possible and also not a rational decision for any business to build and maintain its own global network. Moreover, to get rid of latency in loading each website, every website will be forever dependent on CDNs as they would want their website to be loaded within seconds. CDNs are like the backbone of the internet and will continue to rule the internet website server world.


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