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Social Media Optimization - SMO

In today’s times, for most marketers, when you hear the word “optimization”, it is only natural of you that it might be related to SEO and the technicalities that come with it, in some way or the other. However, at its core, the entire idea behind optimization is really quite simple- making the best of absolutely anything. It is about taking what you already have and then- through experimentation and measuring- figuring out ways to make that even better. Therefore, optimization can (and should) be applied to almost each one of your marketing efforts, including social media marketing. Let us look at a few different aspects of Social Media Optimization (SMO) in detail so as to understand it better.


What is SMO?


SMO i.e. Social Media optimization is the use of a number of social media outcomes and communities to publicize a product, brand or event in order to raise awareness among people regarding the same. This can be done in the forms of social news, bookmarking, RSS feeds, and the use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, video and blogs. The goal of SMO is to produce more traffic on the website which in turn generates awareness among people. If put simply, social media optimization is ordinarily done to optimize the website and its content for sharing it across various social media platforms and networking websites.

The main purpose behind SMO is to create interesting online content, ranging right from well-written text to eye-catching digital video clips or images that entices and encourages people to engage with your website and then share its content, via its weblink, with their social media contacts as well as friends. SMO is also an efficient way of implementing Online Reputation Management (ORM) for a personal or a business, which denotes that if someone posts bad reviews over the web, a Social Media Optimization strategy can ensure that the very first link to appear in the list of search engine results is not the negative feedback.


SMO is also, in many ways, connected to the technique of viral marketing, also known as ‘viral seeding’ where word of mouth is created through the use of networking on photo and video sharing websites. An effective Social media optimization campaign can easily harness the power of viral marketing. Furthermore, by utilizing alternative social networks and following social trends, websites can retain their existing followers while also attracting new ones. This further allows businesses to build an online presence and following, all of which link back to the business’s official website for increased traffic and better rankings. In a very similar way, the engagement with blogs creates similar results by means of sharing content through the use of RSS in the blogosphere and special blog search engines.


Why is SMO required for a better online presence?


Social media optimization is an important factor in search engine optimization as search engines are increasingly making use of the suggestions obtained from users of social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. to help their own work rank well on search engine results pages. When a web page is shared or “liked" by a user on social networking websites, it is counted as a “vote" for that web page’s quality and contributes towards its popularity. This, in turn, helps search engines to rank the websites better on their results page. Social media optimization is an essential part of the Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) strategy for organizations or individuals who care about their online presence.

It may also be noted that SMO is not just limited to brand building and marketing. Smart businesses are increasingly integrating social media participation as part of their knowledge management strategy (i.e. product/ service development, employee engagement, recruiting, turnover, customer satisfaction and relations, brand building, business development, etc.).


Why do you need a systematic plan for SMO?


You will meet your target audience on social media


Every smart entrepreneur understands the significance of social media and its business impacts. Your target audience is on social media and if you are not taking good steps to connect and reach your prospective buyers you are committing a big mistake because your competitors are also there on social media and they are engaged with your prospective buyers. So, take a smart move and plan your social media optimization strategy as early as possible.


Target Audience



It is a brand-building initiative

It is a world of fierce competition and everyone is struggling hard to survive in this cutthroat competition. Consumers pay to a brand and they are wise enough to recognize their brand. If you are not making efforts to shine your brand you are losing many of your potential buyers and you are simplifying your competitors’ path to success. Take a promising initiative on social media by a well-planned SMO drive and be a brand in your niche.


Brand Building



Social media is the best and cost-effective platform for all


All smart marketers observe and employ the best and cost-effective channels to reach their audience. Social media channels are the most popular, cost-effective and reachable platforms for all. It is a modern way of user and social interactions. Create your own stories, be a part of everybody’s wall; create a video and get viral in a few minutes; or create a small post and get admired with millions of likes and shares which are the essence of social media’s success for any business.


Your start-up or MNC deserves a best SMO move


If you are a proud owner of the start-up initiative or you are the CEO of fortune-500 companies, your business deserves a great SMO plan that is customised to serve your business requirements, and well-planned to add up your follower count ultimately boosting your social presence. Be there on social media to be a game-changer in your industry!!


Top Social Media Optimization Tools


Social media optimization is simplified with a rich range of automated tools. Here is the list.




The best social media optimization tool in the last few years is HootSuite. It is an enterprise-level social media optimization and management software with an active user base of over 10 million professionals. It provides campaign analysis, curation, and dashboard customization for campaign management. It provides a feature to access its team management tool remotely and manage social media campaigns in real-time. Its reporting features are excellent with the capability of delivering crisp reports.




One of the superb social media optimization tools with its stunning reporting capabilities. Single dashboard capable of managing all social media channels.


Social Oomph


It is the most featured social media optimization tool ever. It is one of the favourite free social media management tools for many social media experts due to its efficiency and functionalities.




One of the effective mobile-based tools to handle social media marketing campaigns. Its seamless integration with social media platforms and campaign handling features like scheduling, posting, monitoring, reporting makes this tool a very effective one for social media optimization.


Social Flow


The Social Media Managers role is vast with its daily challenges with the paid, owned and earned social media campaigns. The Social Flow helps social media specialists with pins, a specific post, and tweet recommendations for the repost, re-share or retweet to create an active follower base.


Advantages of SMO


Social Media Optimization has the following advantages:


  1. It makes tagging and bookmarking considerably easier.
  2. It increases inbound links.
  3. It assists in the current flow of the content.
  4. It generates easier and faster connectivity with other communities.


The more well- organized and proficient social media optimization is the greater chance of attracting organic visitors to your website which perceptibly is the purpose it holds. It can easily garner maximum traffic and visibility when executed in the best possible way.

Social media optimization can also be evaluated to search engine optimization. However, there are also marked differences between the two. This type of optimization for the publicity of products and services can work faster than any other medium just like hitting the bull’s eye. It can perfectly send the desired message across and direct to the intended audience. No wonder it is a difficult and exhausting task formulating ways for generating traffic to the site.



How can we, at Dreamworth, help you with SMO?


1. Cost-effectiveness :

Dreamworth Solutions has had a history of providing highly lucrative and cost-effective SMO services in the industry ever since its inception. We offer our highly dedicated team of professionals and resources at a comparatively lower cost than what would otherwise have been needed to maintain an in-house team of your own.


2. Expertise :

We, at Dreamworth, have a team of SMO professionals who are skilled, experienced and experts in their respective fields of work. They are equipped to handle any situation while maintaining focus as well as excelling in the work at hand so as to be able to deliver the best results within the stipulated time period. We understand the need to make your pages SMO friendly and in order to do so, we undertake all the necessary measures.


3. Time-saving:

Dreamworth Solutions can provide you with time-intensive SMO service which happens to be a continuous process and requires several hours of optimization, research and maintenance.


4. Efficiency :

Our highly motivated and dedicated team can effectively develop any particular SMO strategy and implement it with guaranteed results which will work in our favour. As we continuously work on your website, we will also update your content time-to-time and make any urgent changes required immediately.


5. Safety :

We provide every service with the safety of your business first in mind since we know each and every concept of digital marketing and the risks they can get along, in and out. We are aware that optimization techniques can be very risky at times as they may open various doors for penalties, hackings and spams. Therefore, as far as our experience goes, we avoid any negative consequences from occurring and keep your website ranked higher over search engines with the right techniques.



How you see yourself after subscribing with us for SMO?


Social Media Optimization has the following advantages:

  1. Your social media handles look extremely appealing and attractive with proper promotion.
  2. The content on your social media profiles is highly engaging with various hashtags and keywords to grab the attention of the audience.
  3. Your website gets more and more clicks and is admired by both competitors as well as users.
  4. You will notice a considerable increase in traffic.
  5. The conversion rate of your business will increase.
  6. Your credibility and brand value increase.
  7. Your website gets a much higher ranking over search engines.
  8. You will notice an increase in your sales.


SMO is primarily a package which includes Social media + Search engine optimization + online marketing. Dreamworth is a

SMO company

providing their proficient services all over the country wherein we constantly work to provide you with the best SMO services for your business.



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